“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jon Corzinne's Naivete

Yesterday morning Jon Corzinne, NJ's inept Governor, was a guest host on CNBC's morning program.

Believe it or not, the deposed Goldman Sachs CEO appeared for his alleged political savvy, not his financial acumen.

Now, you need to understand that Corzinne was bounced out of Goldman by his then-partners because he championed going public too early, at what later became apparent too low a price.

Having failed at running Goldman, Corzinne set his sites on buying himself a Senate seat. Unfortunately, in NJ, with its senior, near-dead senior Senator, Lautenberg, Corzinne had the ideal state for this.

After some years of this, Corzinne evidently determined that he would never serve in a Senate run by Democrats, and that, to be President some day, he needed to have his ticket punched as a Governor. Considering that only a few years later, the Senate swung to the liberal side, this should tell you something about Corzinne's political acumen.

Spending money freely within and outside of the Democratic party, Corzinne successfully purchased the Governor's slot. Then promptly betrayed public trust by speeding to non-essential meeting on the Garden State Parkway and crashing into another state resident. In the process, Corzinne sustained injuries so serious he went off the full-time payroll of the state.

His various financial programs for attempting to grapple with the state's too-lush social payments have been unsuccessful.

From this background of abject failure as Governor, Corzinne campaigns for the rookie Senator from Illinois.

And this week, his single laudatory statement of praise about the freshman Senator was,

'He can be flexible.'

Wow. Just what we need. A wet noodle with plans to raise taxes and spend it all for the poor.

In fact, contrary to Corzinne's misguided opinion, our President needs to have some clear values and objectives upon taking office. He's the only one capable of leading with a single-minded vision, like George Bush. Such determination often brings criticism, but to do otherwise is to invite a failed administration like those of Clinton and Carter.

What Corzinne probably really means is,

'Obama can be rolled like a beach ball on any issue which involves fiscal rectitude or national security.'

And this is likely true. Should the inexperienced Presidential candidate be elected and actually consider defending his country or maintaining an economic climate of relative freedom which sustains entrepreneurial activity, he is probably going to be 'flexible' to Democratic Congressional demands that he retreat from such unpalatable (to liberals) positions.

When an incompetent politician and businessman like Corzinne endorses Obama for his 'flexibility,' you know it will mean big trouble if the Black Adder is elected President in November.