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Friday, October 15, 2010

More Biased "Reporting" On CNBC By Ultra-Liberal John Harwood

This morning's appearance by "Red" John Harwood on CNBC, in my opinion, really cemented his reputation as a totally-biased, unscrupulous liberal so-called reporter.

On the subject of California gubernatorial candidate's now-famous remark, in which he called his opponent, Meg Whitman, a whore, Harwood manipulated it as follows.

Speaking on camera as a reporting contributor to the early morning CNBC program, Harwood breathlessly explained that, when he 'offered Whitman the chance to dismiss the whore comment' in favor of 'issues like jobs,' she pointedly remained silent!

Wow! Stop the presses!

Harwood, usually one to use whatever character issues he finds necessary to impugn conservative or GOP candidates, grew animated when describing how Whitman refused to ignore Brown's nasty name-calling. His face all lit up, Harwood delighted in telling viewers that this means Meg Whitman is putting stories about Brown's antics ahead of 'real issues' in the California gubernatorial campaign.

Notice he didn't even go near Brown's character nor inappropriate behavior. No, he did as much as he could to turn the slur against Whitman back on her!

You truly can't make things like this up. Harwood's twisted, hopelessly-biased coverage of politics exceeds anything fiction could approach.

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