“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, March 26, 2010

Duped: Tim Robbins Stumps for John Edwards

Before the sad, ugly saga of lying John Edwards slips out of focus for good, check out this video clip from December of 2007.

Liberal actor Tim Robbins plays the role of dupe. Only, it's not a fictional role. It's the real, gullible Robbins, stumping for Edwards in Iowa.

Note his mention of Edwards' "integrity." Pretty laughable and pathetic, isn't it?

Next time you hear Robbins pontificate on things political, remember his appallingly bad read on Edwards' character.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

About Alleged Violent/Racial Incidents At The Weekend Capitol Rallies

Much has been made of the allegations by a black Democratic Congressman that a protester against the health care bill, in the crowd along the entry way for members of Congress over the weekend, during the rally in the Upper Senate Park, spit on him and yelled a racial insult.

To date, nobody has corroborated this account. There is no video, no witness came forward, and no arrests were made.

I can vouch for the relative calm of the actual, sanctioned rally on the other side of the Capitol on Saturday. There was no organized rally outside the Capitol on Sunday, the day of the alleged incident.

However, a viewer of Bill O'Reilly's Fox News program wrote in with a reminder of a common Alinsky/"Chicago Way" tactic.

That is, to plant a heckler amidst crowds of your opponents at one of their rallies. Then have your shill do something disgusting/inappropriate/illegal. This way, your opposition is blamed for going too far and behaving badly.

Sounds like typical Wonderboy tactics. Perhaps Rahm Emanuel personally recruited the plant. Then, again, perhaps he used a cutout, to assure plausible deniability.

Seriously, it is believable that an administration full of Chicago politicians would naturally think of this tactic. It resulted in all manner of negative coverage for the anti-bill groups on the liberal broadcast media and the Communist News Network, too.

Michigan 1st District GOP Candidate Dr. Dan Benishek

Michigan Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak's collapse against the health care bill, in exchange for a meaningless presidential 'executive order' concerning abortion funding, resulted in the bill's passage into law.

Stupak's opponent in November, Dr. Dan Benishek, instantly experienced a groundswell of interest in and support for his campaign to unseat the two-faced, faux-principled Democrat.

Here's a video of Neil Cavuto's telephone interview with Dr. Benishek from earlier this week.


Here is the URL for Dr. Benishek's Facebook site.


Between Dr. Benishek's self-described profile on Facebook, and his very genuine remarks in his discussion with Cavuto, he presents himself as, at least for now, a very principled, modest and sincere candidate.

Every little bit helps, even if you don't live in the hated Democrat's district. You may not be able to vote, but you can donate.

I plan to donate to his campaign, and I hope you will, as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The List of Bribes for The Health Care Bill

The Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel wrote an editorial on Monday, entitled Inside the Pelosi Sausage Factory, in which she provided a fairly detailed list of Democratic House members who had secured bribes from either Frisco Nan or Wonderboy for voting 'yes' on the health care bill.

Because it's important to understand how many corrupt House members there are, and who they are, I thought it worth reprinting Strassel's details.

Jim DeCosta (D-CA) extracted a commitment from the administration to increase water allocations to his Central Valley constituents. The announcement occurred last Tuesday. DeCosta claims there was no buying of his vote change from no, to yes.

Suzanne Kosmas (D-FL) requested more NASA spending at her district's Kennedy Space Center in her meeting with Wonderboy on the healthcare bill. She, too, switched from a no to a yes.

Bart Gordon (D-TN) extracted more Medicaid funds for his state in exchange for his vote change. Pete DeFazio (D-OR) also secured extra Medicaid funding for his state in exchange for his vote on the bill. In all, according to Strassel, 17 states were given additional Medicaid funds in exchange for their Representatives voting to pass the bill.

Finally, dimwitted Bart Stupak surrendered his alleged pro-life principles to vote yes on the bill, in exchange for an executive order, which can be revoked or challenged in the courts at any time, limiting use of federal funding for abortions.

Strassel went on to details a number of cases in which House Democrats were threatened with primary opposition, cutting of campaign funds and support if they did not vote 'yes' on healthcare.

How can anyone believe such a bill is of any value, if so many of the majority party's own House members had to be bribed to vote for it?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday's "Kill The Bill" Rally At The Capitol

My business partner and I dutifully journeyed down to the Capitol on Saturday to provide our support to the "Kill the Bill" rally.
Unlike the larger, more elaborate Tea Party Rally last September 12th, which was planned with much more lead time, Saturday's rally never the less was impressive.
While no network covered the gathering, and NBC, as reported by one of the rally's speakers, claimed only 2,000 people attended, the truth was, of course, much different.
Shortly after the rally's noon start, the first speaker announced that she had been told the count was estimated to be about 25,000.
By the protest's end two hours later, that number had swelled to perhaps more than 40,000.
So much for a responsible, interested network news culture. Or a truthful one.
A handful of Representatives spoke, as did actor and conservative activities Jon Voight.
At one point, a Representative said he'd just come from the floor of the House, and assured us that the Democrats knew we were assembled, loudly and in force, out in the Upper Senate Park.
While a very non-violent, respectful crowd, there was none the less a visceral sense of anger and exasperation with a Congress out of control and out of touch with voters' wishes.
Signs covered a wide range of topics. Concerns over the Democrats' unabashed efforts to make America a socialist country, Wonderboy's lies ( represented, as seen in the second image, by a head on a long stick with a long nose sprouting vegatation), profligate spending and taxing, and the failure of Congress' leaders to heed recent electoral defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
Sadly, our efforts were not enough to overcome the bribes and corruptive lucre available for swaying the few Democratic Representatives needed to pass the bill, if only by 7 votes.
Now we must concentrate on the Senate, and, next, electing a Republican majority to the House in November, in order to begin the process of repealing this wrongheaded, unworkable legislation.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wholesale Bribery for Health Care Bill

Looks like his alleged pro-life principles weren't all that suffered when Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak folded yesterday and voted in favor of the health care bill.

This morning's cable news programs reported a handful of timely bribes to various Democratic Representatives.

Mind you, Stupak caved for an executive order that won't even have the force of law. One pundit noted that it literally has the same power, which is to say, none, in court, as a Congressional Resolution.

So much for your principles, Bart.

But going almost unnoticed on the day was a sudden, magical increase in funding for 3- count 'em, 3- airports in Stupid Stupak's district!

How marvelously convenient!

And one of Bart's Florida colleagues, the woman in whose district the Kennedy Space Center is located, just as magically saw lavish new funding for the space program appear this weekend!

What luck!

Because there just couldn't be any relationship between the federal spending bribes and the votes of these holdouts, could there?

Thus, Wonderboy and Frisco Nan not only left the Cornhusker Kickback, Louisiana Purchase, a Connecticut hospital, and other bribes in the bill, but actually added some more!

Aren't you proud of your federal government? These 436 clowns just used your federal credit card to continue spending money we don't have, to pass legislation that the majority of voters don't want.

Must be some fantastic health care bill if it requires this level of bribery, corruption and backroom dealing to get it passed with such a slim margin, eh? And that is with some House Democrats still opposing it!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupid Stupak Folds

Faux-pro-life advocate Bart "Stupid" Stupak folded like a house of cards today.

Caving in to pressure from his corrupt House leadership, and the dictatorial blandishments of Wonderboy, Stupak changed his vote to "yes," thus probably assuring passage of the abominable, awful, expensive health care bill.

Does it not seem ironic and, well, sad that a Congressman agrees to yet another Wonderboy 'rule by executive order,' rather than insist on the rule of Congress?

Stupak wasn't going to get his pro-life way outlawing abortion funding in the health care bill. So he agreed that the president will, as usual, rule by dictate, rather than let Congress actually legislate.

Stupak should be ashamed of himself.

When Greta Van Sustern asked him, moments ago, on camera, if he was receiving angry calls and emails, he disingenuously said something to the effect of,

'Some people are always upset at each Congressional vote. It's just the way it is.'

How gutless. He, Greta, you and I all know his constituents were most likely mad as hell with his vote change and told him so.

Michiganders, if you read this, make sure Stupak gets a new career come this November.

Let's vote every 'yes' voter on health care out of Congress!

To come later this evening....pictures from the 40,000 person Capitol Rally a colleague and I attended yesterday.