“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Congress Gives America A Lump of Coal: Health Care Passes The Senate

It's a red-letter day, alright.

The US Senate's 60 Democrats presented America with the biggest lump of coal in the country's history on Christmas Eve.

This morning, they passed the abominable disaster they like to call 'health care reform.'

Here's John McCain in a clip from a Sunday appearance on Chris Wallace's Fox News program, discussing the bill, and why it is so disappointing.

I'm looking for the more recent clip featuring McCain naming Democratic Senators who sold out to pass this bill.

Have as Merry a Christmas as you can knowing this millstone is being hung around our necks by these clueless Democratic liberals.

Perhaps the silver lining is how this action will lead to their loss of power in both Houses next November, and, two years later, Wonderboy's ignominious defeat.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Payoffs For Health Care

The list of cutouts and hundred million to billions of dollars of favors to selected states to buy their Democratic Senators' votes on health care is simply stunning.

Here's what the Wall Street Journal compiled in a recent editorial.

Apparently, health care is so popular, as designed by Frisco Nan and Harry Reid, that these enormous bribes to various states were required to get Democratic Senators to vote for this pig.
In an era of excessive spending, how do these Senators justify holding up the rest of the country for such ransoms to pass an unworkable and unwanted health care "reform" bill?
Hopefully, this will provide a simple list of Democratic Senators who will be voted out at their particular next elections.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grasping At Straws

To hear Wonderboy's lies recently, it seems he is grasping at straws now to sell voters on his cherished health care bill.

Anyone who resorts to claiming that a bill must be passed just to achieve 'something,' no matter what the contents, is both foolish, and believes voters are naive.

How can such an educated person expect others to have any confidence in him after he so blatantly calls for passing anything with the name 'health care,' rather than carefully crafting a truly bi-partisan bill which voters would want.

Rushing legislation of this intended magnitude is just folly. And every voter knows it.

Wonderboy is fooling no one. He's only portraying himself as devoid of common sense, values and morals. He is attempting to fool voters and, in the attempt, alienating those who were probably at least willing to give him a chance to prove his campaign rhetoric.

To those whose votes he didn't win, he has merely proved their fears correct.

Both of these groups will take their anger out on the appropriate candidates come November. Or, in some cases, primaries this spring.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Wonderboy's Priorities

Isn't it ironic that Wonderboy's administration puts universal health care and climate-related legislation or agency actions at the top of its agenda during the worst US economic recession since Ronald Reagan's era?

Despite what this administration contends, Reagan had an equally bad economy with which to contend. Carter, following Ford's bumbling, managed to put the US economy into a stagflation free fall every bit the equal of last year's non-financial economic situation.

The financial panic was just that- an overreaction which allowed too much federal intervention, and effected too little cleansing of the financial sector.

That said, how is it that in the midst of such economic challenges, this administration chooses to put most of its effort behind a new entitlement program and a radical approach to the false issue of human control of the earth's climate changes.

As one Wall Street Journal writer noted, in the past, every other Democratic president attempting this ran into some other priority. Truman had the Korean War, Kennedy, the economy, then his own death, Johnson got Medicare, then Vietnam and inflation tabled the next steps. Clinton faced a Republican Congress.

Now, with majorities in both Houses, Wonderboy is aiming to top LBJ. But the economy's challenges would seem to get in his way.

At least, that's what voters think. The health care bills draw low support numbers among voters, while the specter of exorbitant energy costs from cap-and-tax draw their ire.

One would think the Democratic leaders in Congress, and our First Rookie, would think twice about so overtly crossing voters in an election year.

Perhaps it is about to be a replay of 1994 next November.