“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Five Minute Healthcare Summit

Only America's liberal Democrats could overly dramatize an effective solution to our healthcare mess.

We don't need a big summit. We certainly don't need more federal intrusion into this sector.

Do the following, let human nature and behavior take its course, and the problems will solve themselves:

-Equalize the after-tax cost of healthcare for corporate employees and individuals. Either give the latter tax deductibility on health insurance, or strip it from the former.

-Encourage separation of healthcare from compensation, especially through individual tax deductibility of health insurance.

-Allow cross-state purchase of healthcare and insurance.

-Eliminate all legislative requirements for healthcare insurance policies. That is, allow individuals to choose the mix of benefits, at prices they decide are affordable, with no government interference.

Do this, and you are 90% of the way to a solution.


First, the so-called uninsured problem stems in large part from too much governmental mandates on what must be included in insurance, limited to the state in which you reside. For example, I probably have to purchase coverage for pregnancy, obstetrics, and other care no longer germane to my life situation.

Second, interstate competition will allow the natural forces of underwriting, risk pooling and shrewd risk management to cut costs for all consumers, while probably reinforcing healthier lifestyles. This latter point is an unsung aspect of healthcare.

Why should I subsidize people with unhealthy lifestyles? I want insurance to discriminate among those who: smoke, drink to excess, don't exercise, etc.

Finally, giving individuals the same tax advantages as those who receive healthcare as a compensation component would go a long way to making such coverage more affordable.

Do all of this, and people will behave more responsibly, choose affordable, relevant insurance for themselves, and spend healthcare dollars as if they are their own.

Because they will be.

Problem solved.

Only a roomful of Washington politicians seeking to benefit via increased power and money to allocate among industry groups thinks this problem is harder to solve than the basics of what I just wrote.

I've written elsewhere that we don't send our best and brightest to Washington. This is America. The best and brightest make money and pursue their own dreams elsewhere. Trouble brews when the third-stringers we allow to write legislation and govern us in a representative fashion wander off the reservation and begin restructuring our lives and economy.

Only lesser intellects could possibly think you need a special 'summit,' task forces, etc., to cut health care spending, improve personal control over healthcare choices, and generally simplify, economize and improve the US healthcare system.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confusing "Wall Street" With Investors

I caught a fragment of some CNBC anchor's comment the other day involving the administration's remarks concerning the cable network's staff and guests' observations and opinions on Wonderboy's economic moves.

One remark referred to the First Rookie proudly proclaiming that he 'doesn't pay attention to Wall Street.'

The other referred to administration spokesperson comments directed by name at CNBC hothead Jim Cramer. He apparently now has joined Rick Santelli as a specific target of Wonderboy's animus regarding free speech and opinions of his failing economic policies.

It seems to me that Wonderboy is confusing "Wall Street," the now-vanished investment banking sector of the American economy, with investors.

Investors are the driving force behind markets. They, through their demand for securities, both debt and equity, set prices and make financially-oriented judgments on government policies.

The continued fall of equity prices since Wonderboy's inaugural tells you all you need to know about broad investor sentiment about his economic plans and programs.

That's not "Wall Street," that's the broad US and global investing classes pronouncing what they see evolving as a colossal failure.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bread, Healthcare & Mortgages

I read quickly through a Wall Street Journal article yesterday which divulged the results of a recent poll of Americans regarding Wonderboy's recent actions.

Sadly, Americans seem scared, and ready to allow their government to take more of their freedom, in exchange for security.

This doesn't seem to be the America in which I was raised. I'm having trouble believing this is really happening.

The one silver lining was that, while those polled liked the First Rookie, not even a majority agree or feel comfortable with the socialist direction in which he is explicitly taking the country.

But you have to worry that the corrosive effects of subsidized mortgages for the profligate, extended child healthcare for families far above median incomes, and huge spending programs using borrowed money, will put America on a tax-and-spend path for at least a decade.

Unless, of course, the Republicans can retake one House in 2010 and stop this dead in its tracks.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Stimulus Surprises

Did you hear about the most recent revelations of hidden changes in the tax code in the stimulus bill passed by the Democratic-controlled Congress last month?

Two significant changes are mortgage and charitable giving deductions. Both have been reduced by consequential amounts.

You would think, during a recession in which housing is weak, that, if anything, mortgage interest would be worth more on your tax form. Nope.

While giving tens of billions with one hand, Wonderboy is taking with the other. So some people get a credit when buying a house. But the interest deduction is now worth much less.

One of the nation's best realtors explained, on Fox News last week, that the bill's provision has had instant consequences. Demand for seeing and buying residential housing is already off. In just the week.

She characterized the damage as lasting, even though the provision doesn't take effect immediately. Already, demand has dropped, and prices, too, reflecting the reduced value of the mortgage interest deduction coming up.

In another difficult-to-understand move, the bill replaces individual charitable giving with government funds.

That's right. Now, charities will be kowtowing to Washington for money, since the Democrats reduced the tax benefits of giving to charity.

It seems perplexing, unless you realize that this is a truly momentous power grab by the liberals who wrote the bill. Not satisfied with enlarging Federal spending, they want to remove individual influence over any part of American life, including charities.

This is a really troubling change. Morally and ethically repugnant, it indicates the amount of thought-control the Democrats are going for with their newly-won, if hopefully brief, control of both Houses and the Oval Office.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Comparisons Between Hitler & Obama

Another YouTube video involving Hitler and Wonderboy.....very scary.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

CNBC's Ever More Explicit Liberal Tilting

CNBC has been pulling out all the stops to paint Wonderboy's various spending and taxing programs as good for America.

It began earlier this week, when the channel's Hispanic morning show anchor, Carlos whatshisname (spelled Quintanilla, I believe, but not pronounced that way), interviewed Republican after Republican in the Capitol, grinning from ear to ear as he repeated his refrain,

'So, does the GOP have the ability to anything but just say 'no' to these bills, since you are simply opposing them? Is that a wise choice to just oppose these bills?'

Each Republican, from Eric Cantor on, replied, correctly, that they offered their own alternative bills, which were rejected out of hand.

Carlos Q ignored this point- every time. He just kept grinning in obvious delight as he needled the GOP members for being essentially powerless, and attempted to paint them as simply obstructing what everyone knows is truth, justice and the American Way.

Meanwhile, only softball questions are thrown at leading Democrats like Steny Hoyer. He was allowed to get away with a baldfaced lie, claiming that Bubba Clinton's administration 'created' 6 times the number of jobs as were added during George W. Bush's two terms.

Then, yesterday morning, the channel paraded a host of Democratic apologists for the tax and spending increases.

Jared Bernstein, VP Biden's economic hack, claimed they had 'worked with' GOP members in the Congress, therefore, the Republicans were simply being obstructionist. Bernstein's account, of course, differs from that of every Republican Representative or Senator involved. The latter explain that their ideas were ignored by Democrats, who were told to take their cues from Frisco Nan, the stimulus bill's author.

Then the OMB director was put on air to cry foul in answer to the charges of tax hikes. He mumbled some numbers about overall tax cuts and claimed that taxes were going down, not up.

Just amazing.

I guess the good news is that CNBC is a business news channel, not a general media outlet, such as Fox News. They probably don't draw as large and audience, and most of whom do watch are smart enough to recognize the liberal lies CNBC peddles or hosts.

As such, the lies and bias inherent in CNBC's coverage isn't seen by most Americans. A saving grace for us all.