“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, September 18, 2009

Second Thoughts About Bill Cosby

It was with great shock and sadness that I saw a report on Bill Cosby's reaction to the evolving charge that anyone who criticizes Wonderboy's health care plans is racist.

Only two months ago, I wrote that Cosby would have made a better president than our First Rookie.

I am sorry I was so in error, and now formally retract that post. Evidently, this passage was completely wrong,

"I can't conceive of Cosby engaging in such empty, meaningless rhetoric while ramming society-changing legislation through Congress."

Don't these blacks see that by engaging in senseless race-mongering and accusations, they are only proving that they are racist? That they cannot stop claiming victim status?

And that, by doing so, they lose all credibility with thinking, reasonable Americans?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter Embarrasses Himself Again While Playing The Race Card

Leave it to a cracker from a cracker state to let his own guilty feelings cause him to accuse anyone who legitimately disagrees with Wonderboy's socialistic health care designs to be a racist.

Yes, I'm talking about our still-living, national embarrassment, yellow stain on the Office of the President, Jimmy 'Jimmuh' Carter.

Won't this man just die (naturally or accidentally, of course) and leave us all in peace?

Anytime I see Carter in the news, I know I won't need to think too hard to come up with a topic for the next day's political post. Today is no exception. Listen to the tripe spewing from idiot's mouth.

Can you believe this guy's unmitigated gall? Calling anyone who dares to object to our First Rookie's attempt at a takeover of 1/6th of the American economy racist?

How could Carter possibly know what is in the mind of each and every legitimate opponent of this socialist grab for the entire US medical and health insurance system?

Does he see no grounds for objecting to mandating a government provider as introducing "competition," when the same Democrats won't take the more logical, simpler and less-expensive step of removing legislation mandating policy contents and allowing interstate purchase of health care insurance?

Is he blind to Medicare's cost overruns? Does he not see any problems with the current tort law situation in medicine?

No, Jimmy doesn't see any of this. He's too dense and, now, evidently mentally impaired.

After Carter's disastrous term as president, he apparently found his true calling in building simple houses for the poor and validating the regimes and rigged elections of communist strongmen across the globe. These, it seems, are his real skills.

That said, we can safely ignore anything he has to say on the subject of domestic politics.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Censures Joe Wilson's Outburst

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to censure member Joe Wilson (R-SC) for his improper outburst during Wonderboy's health care address to a joint session of Congress last week.

Unlike the British Parliament's 'question time,' when all hell breaks loose among MPs criticizing their PM, the US Congress established, thanks to Thomas Jefferson, a code of conduct dating from around 1802.

Among speech which is expressly forbidden is that of members of Congress calling the president a liar while they are on the the floor of, or in either House of Congress.

Wilson unarguably violated that code. For that, he should be embarrassed.

He already apologized to the First Rookie, who accepted said apology. But this wasn't enough for Frisco Nan and her fellow Democrats.

So, with the people's business pressing, and ever-growing deficits ticking away, the House Democrats devoted most of yesterday to speechifying about Wilson's mistake, then voting to reprimand him.

Of course, they weren't interested in enforcing this code when Pete Stark, a California Democrat in the chamber, called recently-retired President George W. Bush a liar in a speech on the House floor.

What's good for the goose......

It's a mark of how this House majority does business that they feel they have the time to single out one member's mistake and hound him for it, while excusing the same, and worse, behavior in others within their own party.

At least we have the satisfaction of knowing the entire voting population is bearing witness to this Democratic party pettiness and foolishness.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Does This Signify Racial Harmony? Or Simple Human Compassion?

Back in July of this year, Wonderboy saw fit to stick his nose into a local matter in Boston which he decided smacked of racism. His gaffe was the type one expects of his hapless VP. And, sure enough, Lying Joe Biden was included in the famous "Beer Garden" event. Probably just to make things look even for the cameras. Otherwise, we'd have seen one white, blue-collar Boston cop sitting with two Ivy League blacks in suits.

My question today is, if our First Rookie was so concerned about a whiff of racism in Boston, involving just one black resident and one white policeman, why is he not all over the airwaves this week commenting on the recent incident at Sunday evening's MTV Video Music Awards?

I'm referring, of course, to the scene created by black singer Kayne West, in which he interrupted white female singer/songwriter Taylor Swift's acceptance of her first VMA award at only twenty years of age.

Here's a video clip of the incident from YouTube.

Some questions come to mind from this incident.

Was West engaging in racism by claiming that singer Beyonce Knowles deserved the award, despite what voters had decided?

If so, why isn't our racially-sensitive, self-appointed racial arbiter president all over this affair?

Will Taylor Swift, Kayne West and Beyonce Knowles all be invited to the White House for an appropriate beverage? Or will two more whites, and perhaps one female, be required, too?

As it happened, Beyonce Knowles did win an award later that evening. She exhibited class and poise by inviting the much younger Ms. Swift back onstage to finish her acceptance speech.

The original digital version of that moment has been removed from YouTube, so all that remains is this rougher version of that scene.

This second, consummating moment begs further questions.

Was this ever about race, or was it only about one boorish, ego maniacal singer, and one more generous, sensitive one, both of whom just happened to be of the same race?

If it was racial, does Beyonce Knowles' action confirm that we do now live in a 'post-racial' society? One in which an accomplished black female singer/songwriter can call out a fellow black entertainer for his unacceptable behavior, and correct the injustice to a white female singer/songwriter?

If the latter, why isn't Wonderboy all over this as a celebratory moment of racial harmony and justice in America?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Health Care Misinformation: A Cultural Bias

Last night I watched part of MTV's Music Video Awards program. The same obstreperous British so-called comedian, Russell Brand, who apparently hosted the program last year, did so again this year.

Having heard of his left-wing diatribes, Obama stumping and Bush-bashing from last year's program, I had the sound muted for most of the first 10 minutes. However, thinking he was finished with his politically-slanted monologue, I unmuted the sound.

What I caught was Brand's extolling Britain's "free health care" while Americans "died in the streets."

Even now, years after its founding, I would expect that MTV still pulls a younger audience demographic than the average television viewer. Thus, many young, ill-informed and impressionable, dare I say, gullible youths may actually believe Brand's lies.

It's news to me, for example, that a lot of Americans die "in the streets." Some may be treated and, yes, pass, in ERs, without insurance. But that doesn't mean they don't receive some sort of care.

Meanwhile, regarding Britain's National Health Service, well, sometimes, things are worth their price. In this case, nothing, which is what Brand contends Brits pay for the service.

Perhaps its going to be a perpetual cultural bias that the arts always tend toward liberal, if factually incorrect, positions, and, thus, influence the young with false propaganda.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 9-12 March On Washington!

Your blogger attended his first protest march yesterday.

At the initial musing of my friend and business partner, a co-founder of Newstex, the distributor of this blog, I agreed to join him at the Capitol for a rally of then-unknown size, as part of Fox News' Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project.

It was an amazing and energizing experience to be part of a 1.5MM strong, non- and bi-partisan peaceful gathering focused on restoring lost liberties, stopping the tyranny of both parties via their ignoring our Constitution as they swell government to heretofore unimaginable size and power over our individual lives.

Signs were everywhere, and they weren't bought or mass-produced. Not most of them, anyway. The creativity of the protesters was simply amazing, and spanned many, many topics and perspective. But all of these expressions shared a desire to restore lost freedoms and liberty.

Despite arriving downtown just as the march was getting underway, we were able to work our way very close to the Capitol steps and speakers' platform.

From that vantage point, however, we were only able to see a fraction of the protesters. Looking around the Capitol grounds and out over the nearby streets and intersections, we quickly realized, and confirmed with nearby attendees, that there were at least 100,000 people gathered within sight of our position.

We were present for Dick Armey's speech, but found it disappointing. He didn't initially use the
microphone, and, when he did, his talk was brief and, frankly, not memorable. I've seen him far more passionate, articulate and detailed on CNBC or Fox News.

Later, South Carolina Republican Senator Jim DeMint and Indiana Republican Representative Mike Pence gave more eloquent and rousing, if brief, speeches. The crowd responded enthusiastically to both.

9-12 Project flags with the Revolutionary War-era 'Don't Tread On Me' snake were everywhere, as was this creative, rattling stuffed snake.

When one of the speakers announced that even ABC had publicly declared the rally to be about one and a half million strong, the assembled throng roared its approval. Many hand-made signs thanked Fox News for giving voice to the movement, while castigating the major networks and NBC-owned cable property MSNBC for turning a blind eye to the recent Tea Party movement.

The protesters were very amicable and polite. Many conversed with strangers, as the nearby picture illustrates. That's me exchanging views with a fellow attendee who was standing near us for most of the rally.

My friend shot a brief video clip with his iphone to capture the flavor and sounds of the rally. It appears below.

I spoke with a friend this morning who cautioned me that, despite our effort yesterday, and those of the assembled multitude, and our passions for this cause, we won't make any difference. She doesn't believe any of this will affect what Frisco Nan, Wonderboy and Harry Reid will do in the coming weeks and months.
Respectfully, I countered that I did not expect this rally, or the 40-some other 9-12 rallies held yesterday, to influence those three.
However, as my friend and I discussed on the three-hour drive back from the rally, we do expect the 9-12 Project rallies to seriously change the views of Democratic House Members in districts won by McCain or Bush. Those moderate Democrats, some unofficially known as "Blue Dogs," whose tenure in office will likely be ended next year if they continue to support the ultra-liberal objectives of this administration and the current Congressional leaders.
Furthermore, one hopes that the Republican contestants for those seats, and others, will be more serious and honest about being Representatives of their districts, not, as our First Rookie and his minions have claimed, simply being given the power to vote for whatever they personally feel like. Or whatever will accrete more power to Congress and the administration.
One and a half million people clogging the streets of Washington, D.C., on a late summer Saturday is not something to be ignored.
My friend doesn't think Frisco Nan or even Wonderboy are capable of being other than in denial about this anymore. Maybe he's right. But we both believe that many of the 534 other Congressional members are doing some soul-searching today, in the aftermath of yesterday's powerful, spontaneous outpouring of so many ordinary citizens. Including many older, concerned voters who will be going to next year's polls, and taking a lot of their friends with them to unseat current members of Congress.
It's difficult to capture or convey in text, or even pictures and limited video, what I felt from the crowd gathered yesterday on the West lawn of the Capitol building. I'm probably not alone in that. But as I mentioned to my friend, nearly everyone in sight on the march and at the rally had a cell phone camera, and/or a digital still camera. Many had video cameras, too.
This event has been captured and communicated by hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens, some in blogs like this. I believe this phenomenon will help keep the momentum of the rally alive and growing.
Of course, time, and the November 2010 elections, will tell.