“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Edwards' Lies & Infidelity

This week's confession by John Edwards that he has lied about his extra-marital affair for over two years has import way beyond his own personal situation.

Of course, as quickly as possible, every liberal media pundit and Democratic politician declared that Edwards' admission of being an adulterer, liar, hypocrite and narcissist was only his personal business, and did not belong in the press. Further, they all solemnly assured each other that Edwards' behavior will have absolutely no effect on the Presidential aspirations of Illinois' freshman Senator.

In my opinion, those pundits and Democratic politicians are entirely wrong. Here's why.

First, Edwards' lies about his affair stand in direct contrast to John McCain's immediate counterattacks when the New York Times slandered and smeared him earlier this year with similar allegations. Unproven and unsubstantiated allegations.

Edwards, by comparison, refused to address the matter since it became a story several years ago. Now, having given one interview to a liberal-friendly network, ABC, he has stoically announced he will not address the issue again.

This kind of behavior has to give voters cause for concern with Obama, too. Both Edwards and Obama were single-term Senators when they ran for the Oval Office. Neither has had any substantive legislative accomplishments to his credit.

Both are basically shallow, opportunistic politicians trading on youth, sudden popularity, a glib tongue, and image.

I'm not saying Obama, too, has a scandalous skeleton in his closet. Actually, several of his are already out of the closet- Jeremiah Wright being one of the more notable, along with the South Chicago slumlord who is Obama's backer.

Rather, I think that voters will see the similarity of shallowness, refusal to submit himself to the full examination of the media and people, and the tendency to begin to believe his own press, in Obama, that we now know brought Edwards down.

Another troubling aspect of the Edwards affair for Obama is the degree to which the major media clearly ignored an important story about a public figure, a candidate for the White House, caught in a very obvious lie.

This same media has been 'in the tank' for Obama. And now everyone understands the degree to which the networks- ABC, NBC, and CBS- plus major print media- the New York Times and Time Magazine- will also turn a blind eye to anything that they feel would reflect badly on the rookie Senator from the Land of Lincoln.

Also, Edwards' reputation as a glad-handing, on-the-make, superficial politician who believed his own press is now solidified. And that is precisely the image that Obama has been recently cultivating.

in Edwards' admission of guilt, he provided some detail about how he began to believe he was above normal codes of behavior, and became more 'narcissistic.'

Does this not sound like someone else we all know?

Edwards came, or was still coming, extremely close to consideration as a VP candidate, or for a Democratic cabinet position. Perhaps even Attorney General.

Yet we now know that Edwards lied to his own wife and family for some time in the past, and continued to lie to campaign contributors, workers, and supporters in this last primary campaign.

Sure, he's finished politically. But he came very close to being included in any prospective new Democratic administration.

Having dragged out his poor, humble beginnings, and traded on his wife's cancer, Edwards deserves to have this latest development in his life aired just as fully.

Everyone should know the details of his lies and infidelity. For such character is what Edwards would have brought to the Presidency.

And the Black Adder is not so far removed from the rags-to-riches story of Edwards. And, one can surmise, the same feelings of privilege, immunity from criticism or investigation, and 'narcissism.'

John Edwards' outrageous behavior in lying to his family and the country about his explicit breach of promises to his own wife will, I believe, continue to hang heavily in the air this summer as the Democrats attempt to push one of their own into the White House.

Slick Willie's promised appearance at the Democratic convention in Denver will, no doubt, now remind voters of another unfaithful, lying candidate for President.

The same party culture that spawned Edwards and propelled him so close to the Presidency, and propelled the lying and unfaithful Bill Clinton, is at work for Obama, as well.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Obama Plays The Race Card In Desperation

The freshman Senator from Illinois must be getting scared of John McCain, because last week, Obama played the 'reverse' race card.

In a rambling, off-the-cuff patter at some campaign function, he alleged that 'they' would tell voters not to support him because he is 'different' than previously-elected Presidents.

In the Black Adder's own words,

Amazing, isn't it? What, precisely, do you think the rookie Senator means when he says 'those Presidents on the one and five and other dollar bills?'

That he doesn't wear a wig or have long hair? Wear outdated clothing?

And what, by the way, does George Bush have to do with anything? He's not running.

Or doesn't Obama realize this yet?

No. He is clearly attempting to paint any critic as a racist.

Rather than simply admit he has no relevant experience to even run for President, Obama is already playing the race card, in reverse.

So this is 'post-racial' politics, eh?

Sounds like desperate measures by an inexperienced, flash-in-the-pan candidate.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama's FlipFlop On Coastal Drilling

It looks like the junior Illinois Senator's inexperience and focus on himself is finally catching up with him.

Amidst the general clamor of the American voting public for Congress to do something about the country's energy policy and, if possible, oil prices, Obama finally swung around to vaguely stating that he might be for some drilling off the US continental shelf.

Fox News has been playing clips of Obama steadfastly declaring earlier this year, in just the past few months, that no new drilling for oil in America was necessary. That this would be the wrong solution, and, in his opinion, no solution at all.

Suddenly, as McCain has drawn even with and, by some polls, ahead of the Black Adder, Obama is sensitive to most Americans' opinion that we should drill for oil everywhere we can in this country. Including our deeper-water areas off the coasts.

As is typical of Obama, he abandons his so-called principles as soon as it looks like he's lost touch with the polls.

Maybe he should be considering the master of that game, Slick Willie, as a possible running mate?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Arrogant One

It's hard to overstate just how arrogant the freshman Senator from Illinois has become.

Did you see the video coverage recently of him declaring, as if he has already won the November election,

'This is our moment?'

As if anyone not on his side is not going to have a say. Disgusting......

Then, in response, we have this recent Letterman 'Top 10' lampoon of the rookie Senator.

When popular media begin to lampoon Obama's arrogance, you know it's now a mainstream, recognized and acknowledged fact.

McCain may not be the perfect candidate. But with the Black Adder already trying to take victory laps before his own party's convention, I think he's looking better and better to more and more voters.