“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s New Problems

News breaking earlier this week regarding promised payments to former Illinois governor Blago by friends and associates of the state's Democratic Representative to Congress, Jesse Jackson, Jr., have refueled interest in the state's corrupt Democratic party and those emanating from it.

It would be somewhat credible to learn that Jackson's supporters had approached the former governor's brother with promises of $4MM in campaign contributions without the former's knowledge.

But that was prior to learning that the Congressman's brother was one of those involved. It's almost completely inconceivable that the sitting Representative was unaware, or briefed by his own brother about illicit activities to secure him the Senate seat vacated by Wonderboy.

Just when the First Rookie probably felt that the scandals in his old political haunts had abated, they flame up anew. Additionally, it refocuses attention on the already scandal-plagued Jacksons. Thus, the alleged federal investigation into the apparent corruption once again hits home very close to Wonderboy in terms of the party, locale and even race of those involved.

Unless I'm mistaken, hasn't that seat now become Illinois' "black" Senate seat, beginning with the also scandal-tainted reign of Carol Moseley Brown?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New White House Puppy

Pirates attack US-flagged merchant vessels with impunity.

North Korea announces that it will withdraw from prior agreements and restart its nuclear reactor.

Iran continues to develop nuclear weapon capabilities.

European nations decline to send more troops to Afghanistan.

What is Wonderboy doing to address all of these concerns?

Here's what.....

He's playing with his family's new puppy on the White House lawn.

Nero had nothing on this guy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Tea Partys & Government Economic Outlooks

I noted with interest that one pundit suggested yesterday's simultaneous economic addresses by Wonderboy and Helicopter Ben were not accidental.

While neither has solid evidence, both held out glimmers of hope for economic 'recovery,' just in time to attempt to blunt tax day Tea Party turnouts.

It makes sense. At a time of unprecedented spending, outside of world-scale wars, how else to try to convince people that everything is really alright. Not to protest higher taxes for printing money to give to poorer Americans?

What exactly our First Rookie would know about economics is beyond me. Dick Armey, retired economics professor and former GOP House Minority Leader, explained that even Keynes would object to such large-scale deficit spending in these times. Because a deficit is already being run, and a balanced budget is nowhere in sight, Armey pointed out that these conditions are in no way compatible with Keynesian temporary stimulus spending.

And, for good measure, Armey noted that there are economists, him being one, who do disagree with the entire stimulus concept as perpetrated by Wonderboy.

I think only someone as economically clueless as our president could believe that a recovery is around the corner, and that his spending and taxes will help.

Gilding The Mad Cow

It came to light earlier this week that the newly-elected president's wife has broken new cosmetological ground. She is apparently the first First Lady to travel with her own hair stylist and makeup artist.
Do tell!
According to one website,

"Michelle Obama is the nation’s first first lady to add a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage, according to stylists who have worked with presidential wives over the past 16 years.

Makeup artist Ingrid Grimes-Miles, 49, helped create Obama’s signature look on her inaugural trip to Europe last week.

Grimes-Miles, who has been working with the first lady for six years, now splits her time between DC and Chicago, where she dolls up morning-news anchors for WGN TV.

"No other first ladies have consistently traveled with a makeup artist," said hairdresser Bernard Portelli, who styled Hillary Rodham Clinton’s blond mane in 1993 and tracks trends in first-lady style.

"It took Laura Bush four years to finally look good. It’s taken Michelle Obama two months. She wears fake eyelashes that are beautiful. She can’t do those herself."

Style watchers suspect that Grimes-Miles is behind Obama’s most prominent beauty reinvention: Her eyebrows. After the first lady drew criticism for looking angry, her high-arched eyebrows were reshaped with a softer arc that gave her a friendlier appearance.

Mrs. Obama can’t put on her own false eyelashes?

And why is she wearing them in the first place? We suspect she is the first First lady to ever tart herself up so."

Wow. This is going to get expensive.
But I sort of see Wondergirl's point. I've always thought she resembles a mad cow. The permanently-furrowed brows, grimaced mouth and overall angry body language.
You know, she's never been proud to be an American until her hubby's party nominated him for president.
Poor dear!
Since money is fungible, you can bet that taxpayers are going to eventually end up footing the bill for the hairstylist, makeup artist and false eyelashes that travel with the First Rookie's wife.

Why not go all the way and just have Michelle undergo plastic surgery? After all, the present value of the cash outflows to her bevy of beauticians for nearly four years would almost have to be greater than a quick nip and tuck now, wouldn't it? Or some botox?
Maybe she should do a guest spot on Greta Van Sustern, so she can get firsthand advice on the facelift thing.
Not to mention that she'd better get the facelift now, before her husband's health care rationing schemes make it prohibitively expensive, if even possible.
Yes, Wonderboy's administration certainly is proving to be post-many things.
Like common sensical and unpretentious. We now have the most primped-up, self-important First Lady in history.
Quite the accomplishment in less than 100 days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderboy, The Kennedys & The Vatican

There is good news concerning the Vatican's position on abortion and stem cell research, and those who would seek to be an ambassador to it.

Our First Rookie has further embarrassed himself, and the daughter of a previous president, Caroline Kennedy, by having the latter rejected as the US ambassador to the Vatican.

According to news sources, add the typically clueless John Kerry into the mix for dreaming up the crazy idea in the first place.

Apparently Wonderboy either didn't know, or didn't care, that the Vatican has explicitly made clear to all nations that it will not accept ambassadors who are actively for abortion and/or stem cell research. Kennedy is, of course, stridently in favor of both.

Maybe Kerry is just to stupid to realize that the Vatican has the only version of Catholicism that counts. So Kerry's idea of what should pass for sanctioned behavior is essentially moot.

As a conservative, though, you have to love how the year has begun for Caroline. First bounced out of consideration for Senator from New York, to replace Hillary Clinton. Perhaps because of her tin ear for local politics, or perhaps for the credible stories describing her affair while married.

Now she's been hung out to dry for being an unacceptable Catholic in the eyes of the Vatican.

Looks like the administration can't seem to get anything right. Not even a simple ambassadorship to one of the world's smallest countries.

Unless, of course, Wonderboy wants to flaunt his differences with those who oppose abortion.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wonderboy On Economic Recovery

I glanced at this weekend's Wall Street Journal and noticed that the lead article was Wonderboy's comments on economic recovery.

Why would anyone think this unaccomplished lawyer knows anything significant about the US economy that is not known by more attuned professionals whose business is studying said economy?

Honestly, the last person I'd believe would be a novice president with no life accomplishments, no business background, and a track record of hating and disparaging businessman. A politician who actually believes he can print money and spend it more appropriately than the taxpayers whose money it actually is.

How much more arrogant can this guy get?