“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, May 28, 2010

Glenn Beck's Public Service

Glenn Beck performed a true public service on his program last night.

In one of his periodic history lesson episodes, Beck drew close comparisons between the radically progressive administrations of Wilson, FDR and Wonderboy.

It ws quite scary. Mostly for the amount of raw, illegal and unconstitutional actions performed by Wilson and FDR in the name of some greater good.

For example, Wilson ruthlessly persecuted Germans and used a board of media titans to mold and manipulate public opinion to support his entry of the US into WWI, in direct contradiction to his stance during the election campaign.

FDR directed then-Senator Hugo Black to issue and enforce overly-broad, illegal subpoenas against citizens suspected of intrigue against the US. When Black objected on constitutional grounds, FDR cited a 'higher purpose' and "greater good," insisting Black collaborate. Which he did.

Beck's valuable service is to remind us of what overtly unconstitutional acts prior presidents, both extreme Progressives, like Wonderboy, have taken in the name of so-called, unspecified "greater good." Ends justifying the means.

As he later remarked on O'Reilly's program yesterday evening, Beck and his staff probably provide more evidence for their contentions than any other cable or network news or opinion program.

Whether anti-German acts in WWI, illegal restrictions on German and Italian citizens before WWII, or our current president's troubling call for change, including an unconstitutional healthcare bill, it's important to know that it can and has already happened here.

Progressives are determined to modify the Constitution to their liking, or simply ignore it. We realize this too late at our own peril.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tennessee's Bob Corker Tells It Like It Is

Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker was all over the news yesterday for standing up to our "duplicitous" president.

In the recent closed-door session with Republican Senators, Wonderboy was bluntly asked by Corker how, to paraphrase the Senator,

'you could be so duplicitous as to sabotage my work on financial regulatory reform, then come here and claim to be open to our ideas.'

Yes, Corker used the word duplicitous.

News reports characterized Wonderboy's reaction as 'think-skinned.'

No kidding. For once not among a carefully chosen group of naive teen-aged college liberals, our First Rookie had to take fair and appropriate criticism from real adults.

I think it's indicative of how arrogant and self-centered Wonderboy is, that he believed that simply by showing up at a GOP Senate caucus and addressing them with his magical tones, they, too, would genuflect in worship to the country's first black president, just because he's black and was elected.

It's never been that way in the US, and there's no reason it should change now. Every president has been mercilessly lampooned and criticized, justly or not.

In Wonderboy's case, of course, it's more than justified. And Corker, more than anybody else of whom I can think, spoke truth to power, expressing the realities of our First Rookie's lies and dissembling in clear, unflinching language.

Tom Coburn Wants To Know.....

A friend sent me an email this morning alerting me to GOP Senator Tom Coburn's appearance on Joe Scarborough's MSNBC program.

He alluded to a funny line by Coburn which occurs at about 6:15 in this video clip. I won't spoil the fun, except to cue you with the title of this post....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mitch McConnell's Failure of Leadership

It's doubtful that the GOP will retake the Senate this November. However, if they do, I hope that the newly-elected Republicans will help give the inept Mitch McConnell a shove out of the leadership.

As the Wall Street Journal's editorial page noted this week, McConnell displayed a signal incompetence in allowing the disastrous FINREG bill to not only gain cloture, but actually pass. All in the name of 'we have to do SOMETHING.'

This isn't going to improve things in the financial sector. And it's not even clear it can win elections.

Why didn't McConnell take to the airwaves and make the rounds of the cable news networks with a clear, concise, factually pitch to explain the GOP's issues with Dodd's terrible bill, and their better ideas?

This tactic of capitulating to the Democrats and their poster boy for corruption, Chris Dodd, is just not cutting it.

McConnell is showing his true colors as a card-carrying member of the Old Guard. He needs to go, too, when the Republicans retake the Senate.

God help us if both the perennially-tanned John Boehner becomes Speaker, and McConnell Senate Majority Leader. All those independents, like me, who are fed up with Wonderboy & Co., will question whether the GOP Congressional delegations have really gotten the point of what will hopefully be fundamentally-realigning elections this fall.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How The Left Lies

The Wall Street Journal carried an interesting editorial this weekend by Edward Epstein describing how economist Paul Krugman wrote a baldfaced lie concerning the government's suit against Goldman Sachs.

According to Epstein, Krugman asserted a false claim that the SEC accused Goldman of particular actions involving the Abacus CDOs which simply were not in the complaint. Specifically, Epstein wrote,

"On April 18, Paul Krugman stated in his New York Times column that "the S.E.C. is charging that Goldman created and marketed securities that were deliberately designed to fail, so that an important client could make money off that failure. That's what I would call looting." In fact, the SEC complaint never alleges that Goldman deliberately designed any securities to fail."

Epstein's editorial makes the point that much of the liberal press' rants regarding the SEC suit against Goldman have been purely to stoke misguided public ire in order to drive passage of the recent House and Senate financial regulatory bills.

On that score, Epstein wrote,

"The passage of this bill did not occur in a vacuum. The administration carefully laid the groundwork by inculcating public fear that the great financial houses betray investors by rigging securities to fail. Exhibit A" the SEC's recent fraud case against Goldman Sachs."

How right Mr. Epstein is. How long it will take for the truth to eventually win out, and these mistaken bills to be repealed or substantially rewritten, is anybody's guess. But, in the meantime, don't expect a robust economic recovery.

That would probably require a healthy US capital market and financial sector, which will be a challenge given the government's apparent desire to cripple both.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Barney Frank's Lie Caught On Video

Here are two videos which conclusively prove Barney Frank is lying about his longtime support for government-assisted housing finance.

The first video, as noted, is from several years ago.

This next video is from last week. I actually saw the interview in which Frank lied. This clip includes a key portion of the same video as shown above.

Thanks to technology, scum like Barny Frank can no longer lie with absolute impunity. Rather than having to sift through a paper trail years old, you can now just search YouTube and catch the bastard in the act on video.