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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liberal Bias By Panelist On Fox News

On Monday evening, Brett Baier's evening news and analysis program featured a liberal Washington print journalist on his panel discussing various political events. I don't recall the woman's name, but I hadn't seen her on the panel before, the usual liberals being either that woman from NPR or A B Stoddard.

The subject in question was Christine O'Donnell's emerging quirks as the GOP Senatorial candidate in Delaware.

The O'Donnell story making the rounds this week in the media is about witchcraft. However, in a video clip, O'Donnell was shown pointing out that her 'interest' in witchcraft was while she was in high school. And that, if it were working, she'd have Karl Rove out on the campaign trail with her. Funny stuff.

Conservative lion Charles Krauthammer gave O'Donnell high marks for humorously disarming the charge.

The liberal woman, however, wouldn't let go of it, pronouncing O'Donnell too weird and possessing too many irregularities to satisfy voters.

Brett Baier than brought up some wacky things in O'Donnell's opponent's, Chris Coons' past. To this, the liberal woman journalist now said something to the effect of,

'Well, any candidate will have a few skeletons in their closet.'

In other words, any blemish on O'Donnell's past is reason to vote against her, but anything in Coons' past is acceptable as just politics and human nature.

Can we say 'liberal double standard?'

The nice, useful characteristic of Fox News is that the liberal woman's obvious hypocrisy was clearly evident, in comparison to the conservatives, and, thus, needed no further highlighting.

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