“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama's Non-Mandate

Excerpts I have heard from Wonderboy's non-State of the Union speech earlier this week have him chiding all Americans for being naughty. According to our new, inexperienced President, we have been consuming too much for his tastes, and now need his personal guidance to run our lives.

At rock bottom, the First Rookie mistakes a distrust and/or dislike of John McCain as a mandate for whatever he feels Americans need.

That's not the same thing at all.

As I discussed with a friend last night, there were certainly two, and maybe three Republican candidates who could have defeated the current President.

Although they couldn't get themselves nominated, Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney and even Mike Huckabee could have most probably defeated, or certainly run closer in a loss to Wonderboy.

My own favorite is Giuliani. He'd have made a terrific opponent for Obama, tearing him to shreds on issues. Overwhelming Wonderboy with his extensive executive background, honed by his skills as a US attorney.

A six or seven point victory margin is not a landslide. Just because several million white voters chose to assuage their imagined guilt by voting for a black Presidential candidate doesn't mean they agree with all of his wacky ideas.

Moreover, this President has virtually no real-world experience of which to speak. He doesn't understand people who are different from himself. He sees the glass half-empty. People who own businesses are presumed to stealing value from those they employ.

Wonderboy has done nothing in or with his life which would lead you to believe he has any great, productive, workable insights of his own. Or knows of anybody else's, either. He is the true, quintessential empty suit Devoid of experience and values.

McCain had many faults, but a lack of values wasn't one of them.

The silver lining in Wonderboy's orgy of spending and redefinition of America's social contract is two-fold.

First, his ideas won't work. Like FDR's and LBJ's programs, his, too, if enacted, will doubtless be dismantled as soon as the GOP regains a majority in Congress, and/or the Oval Office. It's quite possible that, before the new efforts to totally socialize medicine, healthcare, education and energy production gain steam, a Republican recapture of one of the Houses will cut off funding for the initiatives.

Second, the over-ambition of all these liberal Democrats, combined with their insistence on a $1T stimulus bill, will bring about inflation, markedly higher interest rates, and a prolonged economic recession.

Their own mistakes, wagered with more taxpayer money than ever before in history, will be their own undoing.

It's going to be a more painful next few years, because government didn't just let the recession end naturally. But by succumbing to temptation and swinging for the fences with every social program they've ever imagined, the liberal Democrats have shown their true colors before 60 days of the new administration have passed.

Count on millions of duped non-black voters backing Republicans in 2010, and again in 2012.

Friday, February 27, 2009

YouTube Satire: Hitler On Obama

The video might be a bit dated, but its sentiments couldn't be more timely or accurate.....

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tim Geithner's Many Hats

We all have read how thinly-staffed tax cheat Tim Geithner's Treasury Department remains.

Between the administration's belated attention to not hiring tax scofflaws, and experienced candidates' wariness of rules governing their subsequent employment, Geithner is evidently having trouble recruiting any competent talent to help him with Wonderboy's growing list of 'banks,' bailouts and other dodgy financial schemes.

A Washington-based friend told me that, as a result, Geithner has been forced to wear many hats.

Allegedly, one day earlier this week, as my friend paid a visit to the Treasury building, Geithner was at the reception desk, printing his visitor's pass. Later, when the friend and his colleague headed to the Treasury commissary, Geithner was manning one of the cash registers.

Word has it that, during their union-mandated coffee breaks, the mint's printers are spelled by the Treasury Secretary himself. He's been reported to have complained, under his breath,

'When I took this job, I was told it would eventually lead to me 'almost printing money.' I didn't realize he meant it literally, and this soon.'

Without a complete staff to assist him, Geithner puts in long hours in the Treasury building. Thus, it's also been rumored that he's been seen signing visitors and employees out late at night, while manually signing large sheets of dollar bills.

Of course, the good news is, with Tim busy doing so many valuable jobs at Treasury, he'll have less time to meddle in truly value-destroying work like providing details for more intrusion into the commercial bank sector, paying off delinquent mortgages with taxpayer money, or 'stress testing' the nation's banks.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dilbert On Congressional Junkets & Corporate Executive Travel

This stip by Scot Adams really says it all.
Do you think 'special Countrywide Friend of Angeo' Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, tax cheat Charlie Rangell, Henry Waxman, Maxine Waters or Carolyn Maloney will see it?

Carolyn Maloney- Democratic Congressional Idiot

Yesterday, I had the unfortunate opportunity to listen to the idiotic rantings of New York Democratic Representative Carolyn Maloney on CNBC.

While being interviewed with Senator Tom Corker of Tennessee, a torrent of stupidity poured forth from Maloney's mouth.

She, of course, castigated now-absent Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson for having attempted to adapt the original TARP to changing conditions, while lauding the still-missing plans of Paulson's replacement, Tim "Tax Cheat" Geithner.

Then Maloney went on to praise Wonderboy, in advance, for whatever bilge is going to flow from his mouth later tonight. Finally, the Representative made sure to utter the sacrosanct administration magic word "transparency," claiming it for all of the administration's dealings, despite the fact it had nothing to do with the abominable 'stimulus' bill recently written and passed by Maloney's House colleagues.

Being curious as to this guiding light's background, I found this bio page on the Democratic Representative from New York.

Here is the sum total of her experience before moving into 'public service,' if you will pardon the phrase,

"After graduating from Greensboro College, Maloney worked for several years as a teacher and an administrator for the New York City Board of Education. In 1977, she went to work for the New York State legislature and held senior staff positions in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. In 1982, Maloney ran for public office for the first time and defeated an incumbent to win a seat on the New York City Council."

Just about what I expected. A short-term school teacher- K-8, it would seem, maybe 9-12 - before launching into a thirty-two year career spending other people's money. Great.

No economics degree. Not medicine, physics, mathematics, or anything to suggest high intelligence. Instead, she's a graduate from an also-ran, religiously-affiliated southern college with no degree that her own website thought sufficiently impressive to mention.

Now, she's Vice-Chair of the Joint Economic Committee. God help us! This woman doesn't understand anything about economics.

In response to Corker's sensible comments about spending and borrowing far too much money, Maloney gushed about how we had to rush to print money and give it to recently-unemployed Americans. That, sure, we'd like to wait for private business to hire again, but, who has time for that? We have to save these people instantly. They can't do it for themselves!

So we'll just not bother with the real economics of market-driven pricing, supply and demand. No, we'll just have government print money to pay for whatever- like FDR did!

The sad thing is, I think Maloney actually believes this stuff. It's remarkable that Corker didn't vomit just from being in proximity to such raving idiocy.

She's so clueless as to not know the difference between Keynes and Hayek. But she knows who Frisco Nan is, and that doing her bidding will get this former teacher with no other significant accomplishments or knowledge more plum committee assignments in any Democratic-controlled House.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

CNBC's Political Slip

I saw an interesting example of GE's networks' ultra-liberal, left-leaning politics yesterday.

As CNBC was covering the 'fiscal responsibility summit,' anchor Bill Griffith said, to paraphrase as closely as I can recall,

'President Obama is targeting to cut this deficit in half by the end of his first term. That's the term he is currently serving.'

Do you see the embedded liberal slant?

Griffith didn't say 'by the end of his term.'

No. He said "first" term. As in,

'he'll be getting re-elected, no question. So we need to identify this as his first term already, to distinguish what he'll do with his second four year stint as President.'

And, of course, Griffith got away with it. The only conservative on the program at that hour, Michelle Caruso Cabrera, probably has been told not to meddle excessively in conservative politics. Economics and business, yes. Politics, nyet.

So Griffith's implicit support for the inept Democratic President went unchallenged.

So much for independent news sources, even about business.

Contradiction In Terms: Obama & "Fiscal Responsibility"

It just doesn't get much better than this for hypocrisy.

Wonderboy pushes through a $1T 'stimulus' spending bill, frightening voters into believing it is necessary.

Then he turns around and declares that.....we have a deficit problem!

Ya think?

Wonderboy now puts his buffoonish VP, the hapless Joe Biden, in charge of a fiscal responsibility commission.

They even had a 'summit' yesterday.

Ooooh. How impressive.

This administration enacts the largest single spending bill in American history, then promptly changes its mind and swears that we have spent too much money.

And then declares, completely nonsensically, that this will be cut in half in four years. Something many economist have already pronounced extremely unlikely.

This is change we can believe in? Hardly.

More like totally confused and rudderless misleadership.

What did you expect from an inexperienced lawyer with no serious life stresses or accomplishments?

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Fiction of Green Power

Friday's Wall Street Journal carried an interesting editorial on the misleading promises of Wonderboy's administration regarding "green" power and jobs. Written by Max Schulz of the Manhattan Institute, entitled "Don't Count on 'Countless' Green Jobs," the piece debunks the liberal myth of huge numbers of new jobs that will flow from the 'greening' of our power generation.

According to Schulz, the First Rookie promised, in his campaign, to spend $150B over 10 years to create 5MM jobs involving wind, solar and other renewable energy sources.

As Schulz writes,

"If the green-jobs claim sounds too good to be true, that's because it is."

He goes on to point out that green energy sources are, in truth, uneconomical. They require huge subsidies to become viable.

Schulz notes that solar energy gets a $24.34/megawatt-hour subsidy, while wind power receives $23.37. By comparison, coal gets 44 cents per mwh, nuclear $1.59, and natural gas receives 25 cents/mwh in subsidies.

So, basically, those 5MM jobs are being paid for, by you, the taxpayer, not just by $150B of investment, but untold and literally uncounted, unpublished billions of dollars of subsidy payments.

As Schulz demonstrates, with simple logic, shifting US power generation to 25% "clean sources," as Wonderboy is promising, effectively raises the cost of power generation via these subsidies.

As a result, manufacturing jobs will vanish, because industries needing power migrate from high-cost locations to lower-cost locations. California and New York- two states already financially crippled- can say "goodbye" to some more power-dependent jobs in the next few years, if Wonderboy has his way.

According to Schulz' research, the US oil and gas industry creates some 1.6 jobs, while coal provides hundreds of thousands of direct and derivative jobs.

Gone, with the new focus on inefficient, expensive renewables to power US industry and residences.

Then there will be the effective tax increase of paying for those higher, subsidized rates on power generated with all this new clean, unaffordable technology.

Yes, quite the prescription for a recession, isn't it? The worst, according to Wonderboy, since the 1930s. Another lie, but, by now, who's counting.

The important thing is, amidst a softening US economy, the Democratic administration plans to increase the cost of energy, throw existing oil, gas and coal workers out of work, as well as workers in sectors dependent upon low-cost power, and throw more billions at inefficient new energy sources which still won't be sufficient to do the heavy lifting of American industry.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Billy Jo Moyers- Government Informant

The Wall Street Journal recently published an editorial detailing the behaviors of one-time LBJ press secretary, aide and fellow Texan, Billy Joe Moyers, now known as uber-liberal "journalist" Bill Moyers, frequently of PBS, during his days in the late Texan's administration.

Despite his current moralizing over all things Republican and conservative, it turns out that Billy Joe committed the sorts of sins as an LBJ aide that, today, would get him lynched by his liberal buddies.

As the Journal article noted,

"But as the Post reports in passing, the dossier also reveals that Mr. Moyers -- then a special assistant to LBJ -- requested in 1964 that Hoover's G-men "investigate two other administration figures who were 'suspected as having homosexual tendencies.'"

Amid "bits of dirt on figures such as Martin Luther King," Judge Silberman found a 1964 memo from Mr. Moyers directing Hoover's agents to investigate Barry Goldwater's campaign staff for evidence of homosexual activity. A few weeks before, an LBJ aide named Walter Jenkins had been arrested in a men's bathroom, and Mr. Silberman wrote that Mr. Moyers and his boss evidently wanted leverage in the event Goldwater tried to use the liaison against them. (He didn't, as it happened.)

When that episode became public after Mr. Silberman testified, an irate Mr. Moyers called him and, with typical delicacy, accused him of falling for forged CIA memos. Mr. Silberman offered to study the matter and, should Mr. Moyers's allegations pan out, he would publicly exonerate him. "There was a pause on the line and then he said, 'I was very young. How will I explain this to my children?' And then he rang off."

Memories are short in Washington, and Mr. Moyers has gone on to promote himself as a political moralist, routinely sermonizing about what he claims are abuses of power by his ideological enemies. Since 9/11, he has been particularly intense in criticizing President Bush for his antiterror policies, such as warrantless wiretapping against al Qaeda.

Yet the historical record suggests that when Mr. Moyers was in a position of actual power, he was complicit in FBI dirt-digging against U.S. citizens solely for political purposes. As Judge Silberman put it in 2005, "I have always thought that the most heinous act in which a democratic government can engage is to use its law enforcement machinery for political ends."

Mr. Moyers told us through a spokeswoman that he "never heard of the Valenti matter until this story and had nothing to add to it." He also pointed to a 1975 Newsweek article in which he wrote that he learned of the LBJ-Hoover relationship in "the quickly fading days of my innocence." In the Nixon days, this was called a nondenial denial."

It's just too rich, isn't it? Billy Joe now claims to have no memory of trying to smear Valenti, or anyone else. And this from a guy whose made a career for the last eight years out of making moral judgments on fellow Texans George Bush and Karl Rove.

The ultimate hypocrite. But then, aren't most liberal Democrats?