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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Glenn Beck's Prediction Re: Progressives In The Wake of Scott Brown's Win

Yesterday, in advance of Scott Brown's election to the US Senate from Massachusetts, as a Republican, Glenn Beck made a few dire predictions.

Dire, but, sadly, probably true.

At this point, with Brown's election as the 41st non-Democratic Senator, and a strong chance that no further health care bills written exclusively by Democrats, can pass in the Senate, the Democrats' options are fewer, and more bizarre than they were just a few days ago.

The several commonly acknowledge options are:

-The House Democratic leaders dragoon their members into passing the Senate bill, as is, by a party-line, or nearly so, vote. This action obviates a conference to sort out differences in the House's and Senate's version of the Democrat-written bills.

-The Senate strips their bill down to simple budgetary proposals and passes it with only 51 votes. The House, again, has to pass the same bill.

-The Congresssional Democrats conference on the different health care bills, pass the House version by some thin margin, and attempt to pick off a liberal Republican, e.g., Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins, to attain their desired 60 votes for passage.

But Glenn Beck was thinking much, much larger scale.

He quoted Saul Alinsky, Wonderboy's tactics hero, as saying that when times get tough, you need to accelerate change.

Thus, Beck believes that Scott Brown's election, by putting health care and any other large-scale change legislation, in jeapordy in the Senate, will trigger the administration's and Congressional leaders' move to force their own party's members to join their Progressive movement, or be driven out of the Democratic Party.

It's directly in opposition to yesterday's Wall Street Journal editorial by Lanny Davis, the former Clinton advisor. Davis, coming from the centrist Democratic tradition, believes Wonderboy should move right, to the center, in the face of the Massachusetts rebuke of Democrat policies.

Beck, however, sees things more clearly. He doesn't believe Wonderboy wants or cares about an intact Democratic party. The party is simply a useful tool with which to, temporarily, achieve Progressive aims. Frisco Nan and Harry Reid appear to be his kindred spirits in this matter.

As Beck sees it, this trio, and their allies, have infected the Democratic Party as a virus inhabits a host. They are now about ready to burst out of their Democratic shell, use harder hardball tactics, and ram whatever they can through Congress, never mind next November's voter punishment.

Beck went on at length about this on Tuesday evening, ending with a thinly-veiled prediction that there will be two parties emerging from the fight by Democrats to save their party: Progressives, and the other party which remains. Call the latter sort of a Constitutionalists' Party.

It's a bold call. Time will tell. And maybe not much. Scott Brown's seating will be telling, as will the First Rookie's State of the Union address next week.

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