“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jim Bunning's Principled Stand Against Debt

The liberal media bias was in full view again this week as Kentucky GOP Senator Jim Bunning chose to publicly force Democrats to abide by their own 'pay-go' rule to fund the most recent set of jobless benefits extensions.

Nevermind that Bunning was focused merely on holding Democrats to their own rules. Media and Democratic Senators predictably portrayed Bunning as yet another heartless, cruel Republican trying to cut benefits for the unemployed.

This isn't simply a failure of our legislators to stick to their own rules and demonstrate some fiscal rectitude. It's a failure of our 'press' to report honestly on important matters.

And, of course, out of 40 other Republican Senators, including newly-arrived, ostensibly fiscally-concerned Scott Brown, only two actually went on record as standing with Bunning- Jim DeMint of South Carolina and Bob Corker of Tennessee. The rest of the GOP cowards in the Senate just wanted Bunning to shut up and stop making them all look spineless. Sad to say, that includes such luminaries as New Hampshire's Judd Gregg, Bunning's fellow Kentuckian, Mitch McConnell, Richard Shelby, John McCain, and John Kyle.

All sunshine fiscal conservatives who hid when the going got tough.

We'll all be poorer, in many ways, for the way in which Jim Bunning's principled, correct stance was covered.

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