“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Liberal Bias On CNBC Last Week

CNBC's early morning Squawkbox program has a feature just before 7am called "The Chairs."

Periodically, the co-anchors, Becky Quick, Joe Kernen and Carlos whatshisname, repair to director's chairs to discuss ostensibly non-business issues.

Late last week, Kernen read from an editorial in the Washington Post, a paper he referred to as 'one of yours' to Carlos, by Carter pollster Pat Caddell. As he has explained on Sean Hannity's Fox program many times, Caddell expressed the view that Wonderboy is committing political suicide by pushing his flawed healthcare bill against an overwhelming, informed voter opposition. Caddell wrote, and has said, that he believes this effort will result in both Houses of Congress becoming Republican-led after November's elections.

In reply, Carlos, who is relatively young and, frankly, unbelievably naive, sputtered that health care is so important that his Democrats (he is a dyed-in-the-wool liberal) don't care about losing political power, so intent are they on doing 'the right thing.'

And that, he passionately declared, is to pass Barry's big health care changes and 'save money' over the next decade. Apparently this rube actually believes the currently-proposed monstrosity will do that.

At this point, even liberal, but thinking, co-anchor Becky Quick couldn't take any more of Carlos' drivel, and jumped in to pile on him with Kernen. She emphatically rejected the current bill, correctly noted it is front-end loaded with new taxes, back-end loaded with spending, and unwisely attempts to reorganize too much of our nation's competitive economy in one big gulp.

She then went on to reflect the views of many independent voters that the two parties really must work together to pass more restrained, realistic, genuine "reform," not simply either pass this proposal, or nothing.

It was quite a few minutes of live political theatre. Carlos portrayed himself as a total idiot. Completely naive, believing federal government social program spending projections, and unwaveringly believing that Wonderboy is only trying to save the US money and restore business competition through reduced, albeit government-controlled, health insurance and care spending.

You just couldn't write comedy as good as Carlos' loony behavior that morning.

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