“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, March 29, 2010

Peggy Noonan's Misguided Rant

Peggy Noonan moved a little further around the bend toward total irrelevancy with her latest Wall Street Journal editorial.

Skipping the nauseating details of her weekend column, suffice to say she feels that there is too much passion and animosity in today's politics. She appeals for 'lower temperatures' in debates on key issues.

If only in this regard, Noonan is showing her total disconnection from the state of the US federal government and the peril in which the Constitution, and our Republic are in.

Ronald Reagan, for whom Noonan worked as a speechwriter, and her affiliation with whom basically launched her subsequent pundit's career, left office over twenty years ago. As successful as he was, Reagan didn't cement any of his changes in a sufficient manner to cause lasting effects in the federal government.

If you recall anything about Reagan's temperament, it was his blunt voicing of a conservative viewpoint while criticizing liberal ones.

Noonan is wrong. Even her old boss, if he were alive and still in possession of his mental faculties, would disagree with her concern over the passion and heat in today's political discourse.

Let's be honest here. Today's Congressional Democrats, and Wonderboy, are no longer attempting to honor their oaths of office. Every Congressman and Senator who voted for the health care bill, and Wonderboy, qualifies for impeachment. Only a Democratic majority impedes the just removal from office of the lot of them.

Back in Noonan's heyday, working for the Gipper, Democrats had many more centrists in their Congressional fold. Not so today.

Noonan can't seem to rouse herself from torpor to realize that today's federal Democrats are appointing communists and socialists to federal offices and legislating a march toward complete socialization of America.

We don't need less heat and passion. We need more!

Noonan is a relic of a bygone era of polite discourse and little difference between two quasi-progressive political parties.

For better or for worse, the left's takeover of the Democratic party and march to the extreme left this past year has, by contrast, sent the Republicans further right.

It's about time. In fact, it's past time.

Following on Reagan's time as president, this coming second wave of conservatism will hopefully have learned to thing bigger and have the concrete ready to pour around their actions, once in power.

It's not immediately obvious, but Ronald Reagan was the first non-progressive president since TR at the turn of the last century. In only eight years, with no Constitutional amendments or lasting legislation passed, Reagan's efforts resulted in 25 twenty more years of economic expansion and generally less bothersome regulation.

Imagine what a determined, impassioned next wave of conservative Congressmen and Senators, with a GOP president in 2013, can and will do?

But only if the fire and heat of anger over the Democrats' socialistic takeover of America is stoked white hot and unleashed in subsequent Novembers.

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