“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday's "Kill The Bill" Rally At The Capitol

My business partner and I dutifully journeyed down to the Capitol on Saturday to provide our support to the "Kill the Bill" rally.
Unlike the larger, more elaborate Tea Party Rally last September 12th, which was planned with much more lead time, Saturday's rally never the less was impressive.
While no network covered the gathering, and NBC, as reported by one of the rally's speakers, claimed only 2,000 people attended, the truth was, of course, much different.
Shortly after the rally's noon start, the first speaker announced that she had been told the count was estimated to be about 25,000.
By the protest's end two hours later, that number had swelled to perhaps more than 40,000.
So much for a responsible, interested network news culture. Or a truthful one.
A handful of Representatives spoke, as did actor and conservative activities Jon Voight.
At one point, a Representative said he'd just come from the floor of the House, and assured us that the Democrats knew we were assembled, loudly and in force, out in the Upper Senate Park.
While a very non-violent, respectful crowd, there was none the less a visceral sense of anger and exasperation with a Congress out of control and out of touch with voters' wishes.
Signs covered a wide range of topics. Concerns over the Democrats' unabashed efforts to make America a socialist country, Wonderboy's lies ( represented, as seen in the second image, by a head on a long stick with a long nose sprouting vegatation), profligate spending and taxing, and the failure of Congress' leaders to heed recent electoral defeats in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
Sadly, our efforts were not enough to overcome the bribes and corruptive lucre available for swaying the few Democratic Representatives needed to pass the bill, if only by 7 votes.
Now we must concentrate on the Senate, and, next, electing a Republican majority to the House in November, in order to begin the process of repealing this wrongheaded, unworkable legislation.

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