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Friday, June 18, 2010

Lanny Davis On CNBC Yesterday Morning

I saw an hysterically comical appearance by liberal Democrat lawyer, Clinton fixer and all-round hack, Lanny Davis. The humor started when he was introduced by an anchor as 'a crisis management expert.' No citing of his credentials. I think they just meant he fixed a lot of messes for ol' Bubba and Mrs. Bubba, during her campaign.

Lanny then launched into an anti-BP tirade, complete with the absolutely inane and senseless demand that each BP office worker everywhere in the world should have been sent to the Gulf Coast to clean up the mess "that they created."

This is the sort of thinking that led Mao Tse Tung to put university professors to work in rice paddies back in the 1960s. Charming, Lanny...just charming.

Lanny repeated this demand a few minutes later, claiming that this was essential for both BP penance and to aid the cleanup.

Never mind that Wonderboy has refused help from several European nations. Offers of equipment, expertise, and overall aid to mitigate the oil gusher disaster.

The discussion then turned to Wonderboy's phrase "whose ass to kick."

After carefully avoiding using the actual word, Becky Quick turned abrasive and angry when Lanny insisted on trivializing the presidential use of the word "ass" by saying it about half a dozen times. Realizing it was upsetting Quick, he used it a few more times, laughing as he did so.

Quick got about as surly and ugly as I've ever seen her on air. Lanny was unrepentant and pooh-poohed anyone who thought that it is unpresidential to use foul language in public, and especially on air.

All in all, Lanny gave a hilariously idiotic performance. His BP employee resource allocation plan is about the dumbest thing possible. How does he think the company would continue to operate its energy production properties and various financial and other critical functions? Mind you, he didn't exempt those people. He literally said 'every BP worker at a desk in an office.'

Priceless. Pricelessly stupid and pointless. It just shows how completely ignorant Davis is of how businesses actually operate.

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