“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MassachusettsCare & Mitt Romney's Presidential Aspirations

Last week, in Wednesday's Wall Street Journal, Joseph Rago gave a devastating accounting of Mitt Romney's Massachusetts care.

It seems that current governor Deval Patrick, without consulting his own state's insurance commissioner, went ahead and vetoed rate increases necessary to preserve the firms' financial integrity.

Thanks to that move, with which said commissioner disagreed, "the five major state insurers have so far collectively lost $116 million due to the rate cap."

Robert Dynan, the insurance commissioner, was quoted as stating, in a letter to his staff, that,

"This action was taken against my objections and without including me in the conversation....and that "there most likely will be a train wreck (or perhaps several train wrecks)." "

The Journal piece also notes, near its conclusion,

"Meanwhile, Richard Moore, a state senator from Uxbridge and an architect of the 2006 plan, has introduced a new bill that will make physician participation in government health programs a condition of medical licensure. This would essentially convert all Massachusetts doctors into public employees."

Makes you want to rush right out, sell your home, quit your job and move to the Bay State, doesn't it?

So as Patrick attempts to control the price of every scintilla of activity or good in the state's medical system, you have to wonder what the effect of this disaster will be on ol' Mitt's aspirations for 2012.

Personally, I think he's toast. Back in 2008, he was merely stuffy and arch. A bit too polished. But he sounded good.

Now, he has this albatross around his neck. Nevermind what Republicans will think- its the independents that will sink him, should his party be foolish enough to nominate him to run for President.

Nobody with a brain will let Romney go near the White House with this monstrosity in his governing past.

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