“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sharron Angle's WSJ Interview

Sharron Angle's weekend interview in the Wall Street Journal was very impressive.

Nevermind the false liberal claims that she's a right-wing nutcase who wants to obliterate all of Social Security and the like. Angle is far more rational than that.

My admiration for her escalated when I read of her fight over a tax hike in Arizona. When the state supreme court illegally violated the state's own constitution and overruled the legislature to validate the take increase, Angle went after the court.

At the next election, the members of the court who didn't retire were defeated, and the new court reversed the earlier one's illegal ruling.

Angle fought for what she believed was right, and against blatantly unconstitutional power grabs in her state.

How can you not like someone like that?

I've been very disappointed with Scott Brown, to whose campaign I contributed. I've consoled friends that at least he's better than Martha Coakley would have been.

But I don't think I'll have any regrets sending financial support to Sharron Angle's campaign to dethrone Harry Reid. And I will do so.


Brad said...

Dear C, I just gave $250 to Sharron's campaign after reading your piece: it felt GOOD! Thank you for the clear reason you support her. I look forward to more articles about who else we should help. Directly, not thru useless rnc.

C Neul said...


Yeah, I'm not much on donating to the RNC, either. I prefer to find individual races to support.

Like the guy running as a Republican in Michigan's Bart Stupak's district. Maybe Rand Paul.

I'm personally torn over Fiorina, as anyone who's read my posts would expect. She's probably going to be much better than Boxer, but has her own past issues. I may leave that one to the Californians to sort out and support Whitman. Who probably doesn't need my money. :)