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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glenn Beck's Investigation of Spooky Dude George Soros

Last week  saw Glenn Beck devote several evenings of his Fox News program to putting ultra-liberal, Progressive and government- and society-manipulating billionaire George Soros under a microscope.

I can't recall all of the things Beck said about Soros. Given the former's tendency to overstate certain economic and financial phenomena, I think he probably accused Soros of some financial chicanery that may not have been proven. But he did manage to include the infamous case in which Soros, generally believed to have had inside information, bet correctly against the British pound and made billions on the trade.

More recently, Soros' lavish funding of Progressive groups in American politics have made it easy to track his activities.

But what is so amazing is how much good video footage Beck aired of Soros bluntly arguing for global governance and the need to make the US Congress more accountable to other nations via various extra-political efforts. Soros is seen, and heard, saying that non-Americans deserve a vote for the US Congress, because America is the lone global superpower. Apparently much of those videos were publicly available from some sort of Soros-backed quasi-global government 'convention' he holds on a recurring basis.

It's stuns me to think Soros is either so arrogant, or foolish, or both, as to not believe any of that footage would eventually come back to haunt him. Not to mention his ham-handed attempts to intimidate Beck, complete with giving the latter's emissary a copy of the movie A Face In The Crowd. This post contains two YouTube videos from the movie.

Ironically, Soros doesn't see himself in the role of Lonesome Rhodes- only Beck.


But I think Beck did a great service to Americans by shining a very bright spotlight on Soros' malevolent attempts to undermine our Republic with his billions and his personal political agenda of world government and the collapse of the value of the US dollar and our nation's standard of living.

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