“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Democrats' Lies Regarding The Financial Consequences of Repealing Obamacare

It's been very frustrating to see Congressional Democrats and their out-of-office colleagues lying to the public every chance they get regarding the true costs of, and repeal of, Obamacare.

No less a public moment than John Boehner's assumption of the House gavel as Speaker allowed Frisco Nan to give an uncharacteristic major speech upon her demotion, complete with lies involving the cost of the recent health care monstrosity.

Howard Dean has been hectoring every conservative in sight on every cable program on which he can appear with lies involving the alleged $230B 'cost' of the repeal.

But the facts are quite different.

What one needs to understand is that the CBO is directed to assess the economic consequences of the bills it is given, not the reasonability of the bills' assumptions or projections.

In the case of Wonderboy's health care, all sorts of financial deceptions were employed to game an alleged reduction of government spending by imposing public health care and covering millions of new citizens.

Among the deceptions were:

-double counting $398B Medicare and Social Security revenues
-moving the so-called 'doctor fix' into a separate bill, so that the added-back costs of not imposing Medicare program cost controls on doctors' fees was not included in the health care bill.
-adding unrelated income tax hikes on dividends and capital gains, as well as other taxes, so that the bill would appear to be generating government revenues.
-counting 10 years of tax levies in the bill but only 6 years of provided health care services.
-failing to provide for the landslide of dumped, formerly corporate-provided health care consumers into apparently-cheaper government plans, thus overwhelming services and causing losses on the unrealistically-low initial government premiums.

The gross total sums of these financial deceits make any claims of saving taxpayers money ridiculous and simply false.

What's really disappointing is that we have elected officials, and former elected officials, widely spreading these lies as if they were solemn facts. No matter that these Democrats know they are abetting US financial self-destruction. The goal of a universal, public health care entitlement is more important to them than the continued health of the Republic.

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