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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Curious Reactions To Donald Trump's Interest In The Presidency

As the practical deadline for a presidential campaign nears, Donald Trump is stepping up his public appearances on the topic. Last week he was interviewed by Bill O'Reilly of Fox News, the edited portions of which spanned three evenings on The Factor, O'Reilly's evening program.

Certainly Trump makes waves with his unvarnished opinions and promises of actions, should he be elected president.

But one thing surprises me. So far, all the on-air pundits seem to give Trump a pass, calling him a successful businessman, according him a stipulated track record that qualifies him to be the nation's Chief Executive.

But consider the facts. For example, here's one cite of Trump's company's three- count 'em- bankruptcies.

Yes, Trump's corporate persona has filed for bankruptcy three times. Is that success?

I don't recall, for example, Mort Zuckerman filing for bankruptcy. He also owns US News&World Report.

When I think of Trump, I don't really think of a businessman. I think of a self-promoting real estate developer. Someone who has gambled on economic booms and interest rates, thus requiring court-protected reorganizations over the past few decades.

Moreover, his aggressive, in your face style of negotiation is hardly what major nation diplomacy is about. It may sound tough to say you'll tell the Arab's not to set so high a price on oil. But, unfortunately for The Donald, his economic IQ is deficient in this arena. Oil prices are set via markets. That's not to say that suppliers can't manage their inventories or production. But it's not like OPEC has iron control over oil prices anymore.

If Trump's major claim for being qualified to run for president is his business record, I don't think he has much to show. It's surprising to me that, with his explicit show of interest in running, no major media outlet seems to have done a basic investigation into his business dealings.

I doubt Trump's candidacy, should he decide to run, would survive such a focused examination.


Brad said...

Dear C,

Pick on Trump all you want, but when he speaks, I feel something. It is SO refreshing to hear him speak seriously about the defects of obama. Here in Trump is an actual pro-business candidate. My God, could you imagine if we get another Mccain type candidate? It would make me crazy.

We little people out here are not holding out for some "ideal" right wing 100% pure republican. We want ob gone. And we want jobs and an ecomony again.

Sincerely, Brad

C Neul said...


I understand your perspective. I really do. Sometimes, when listening to The Donald, I, too, relish his candor and bluntness.

However, most of his assertions are in areas that he can't actually control through bluster alone.

If you told me he could win against Wonderboy, would I vote for him? Yes.

Do I think he can? No.