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Monday, April 11, 2011

Donald Trump & The Birthers

I'm personally enjoying the spectacle of Donald Trump weighing in on the side of the birthers, demanding to see Wonderboy's birth certificate.

On one hand, I agree with Republicans that they simply can't dwell on the issue. Politically, in terms of the important issues facing America, it's a sideshow.

But on the other hand, don't you want to see it? After all the fuss and trouble Wonderboy has gone through to not show it, well, it makes you wonder why? What's so special about it?

The beauty of Trump tackling this issue is that he's not really a serious candidate. Yes, I know, like my one reader who commented, a lot of people think they want to vote for him. His extreme candor and blowhard-ness attracts some part of many of us who just ache for a non-politician type to tell the truth.

Although, on that point, I'd suggest that Paul Ryan now meets those criteria.

But since Trump isn't a mainstream GOP candidate, and not truly expected to last long, should he decide to run as a Republican, he is the ideal person to flog the birth certificate issue. It's now out there, hanging, blanketing the political media, outside of the budget, funding and debt limit issues.

In a sense, the GOP couldn't ask for a better setup. A non-candidate candidate who is not really sanctioned by the party is nipping at Wonderboy's odd inconsistencies. Attacking and insulting him with a candor that many wish they could voice, and would be heard.

Yet, at the same time, you have Trump promising things like taking Iraqi oil, demanding payment for US forces sent to rescue countries, etc.

In short, across a broad spectrum, he's tremendously impolitic. But a wonderful stalking horse for the time being.

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Brad said...

Dear C,

Well written!

Out of my own wishful thinking, I would point out The Donald has his own team and surely more resources than Wonderboy. We may be surprised by Trump's perseverance.