“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vehicle Detonates On The Launch Pad!

No- not that detonation. I was referring to Newt Gingrich detonating his own campaign while it was still on the launch pad this week by calling Paul Ryan's sensible call to convert Medicare to a subsidized insurance plan "radical" and "right wing social engineering."

Charles Krauthammer, the Fox News pundit and a leading conservative eminence, pronounced Newt's candidacy DOA. By undercutting the House Republicans, all but 4 of whom voted for Ryan's plan, Newt has managed to alienate virtually every House GOP member in the country.

In a priceless video on O'Reilly's program, an Iowa conservative Republican walked up to Gingrich and excoriated him for his remarks, then advised him to withdraw now, before causing further damage and embarrassment to GOP presidential hopes.

Gingrich was flummoxed and could only manage a meek,

'Well I'm sorry you feel that way.'

Krauthammer pointed to Newt's comments as evidence of why he's unfit to be president. He isn't a team player and has a massive ego.

Meanwhile, a friend mentioned that while on a long drive that week, listening to Hannity's radio program, the prominent conservative didn't refer to the Newt incident even once. We discussed how Hannity had invited Newt on for an entire hour on his evening Fox News program after the Georgian declared his candidacy. Hannity must just be in shock over Gingrich's gaffe.

This time, he's gone too far. I think you can stick a fork in Newt, because he's done now.


Rita said...

What's funny is that I have always believed Newt was another one of those candidates who never stood a chance because of his negative opposition.

But I listened to most of his interview on Meet The Press on Sunday and I was actually considering giving Newt a second look.

Well, that sure didn't last long. I didn't think a candidate could self-destruct so quickly.

Could anyone mess up their own campaign more quickly? I doubt it.

Now....back to hoping Mitch Daniels runs and soon.

C Neul said...

Neither did I believe he could shoot himself in the foot so fast.

Not only was it self-inflicted, but he picks the one part of the Federal government that REpublicans now hold, and castigates its star budgetary water carrier, Paul Ryan.

There's no question Newt is smart. His debates with Wonderboy would have been a treat to see. But you have to figure that Wonderboy's handlers would have studied Newt's weaknesses and developed approaches to goad him into precisely this sort of off the cuff gaffe.

Newt's ego and arrogance have gotten the better of him yet again. Better now than in the general campaign.

I agree with you- a Daniels v. Pawlenty contest would be good for the GOP.

Let's hope Mitt is already viewed as toxic by most Republican voters.


Rita said...

And boy am I disappointed with Mitch's decision, but I can never fault a man for putting his family first.

We need a fresh viable GOP candidate and I don't see one yet. There are a few I don't know enough about to decide if I would support them, hoping someone comes forward soon and not someone that carries such a negative reaction that people will only show up at the polls to vote AGAINST.