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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wonderboy Mocks Trump At White House Press Dinner

I caught some of the White House press dinner on C-Span the other evening, then saw some of Wonderboy's bit mocking Trump.

Now, I'm not a serious birther. I do think Trump showed some muscle in turning up enough heat on the First Rookie to make him give up the certificate. Something which the uber-liberal press corps failed to do for three years.

But when he mocked Trump by claiming that now more important things, like Roswell and such, could claim governmental attention, I think he made a mistake.

Wonderboy may not fear Trump. Or maybe he does, in the sense that tangling on stage, live, with the unpredictable fellow megalomaniac, could be dangerous and explosive.

But millions of Americans happen to like Trump's candor and no-nonsense attitude. Sure, lots of his ideas are silly and infeasible. We can't dictate oil prices to the Arabs, because they don't directly control it. But Trump's claims about that do raise the issue that the US is shooting itself in the foot by neglecting to drill on and offshore.

By pushing on the issue, Trump shows up the current administration as hypocritical and irrational with its energy policy, such as it is. Hampering domestic drilling while decrying importing oil.

What Wonderboy doesn't seem to understand- no surprise- is that a lot of independents, especially economic middle and lower class members being squeezed by rising food and fuel prices, appreciate Trump's sense that America is in decline. That things aren't going well.

It's a simple Reaganesque approach, i.e., "Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Most voters are not. And it's not W's fault anymore, either.

So trying to portray Trump as a joke is a dangerous move for Obama. As president, he looks like he's bullying and using his office inappropriately. Not to mention that he looks thin-skinned. Which he also is.

I don't think Trump will run. I don't want him as President. But that doesn't mean the sitting president should be making fun of him.

Or any citizen who is eligible to run for the office, and chooses to do so.

It cheapens the Office of the President.


Brad said...

Dear C,

Yes, it cheapens the office. I wholly agree with you on that. What do you think of the idea that 0's goading will only make Trump more determined to beat him?

C Neul said...

I do not think Trump will run. The fun being made of Trump might hurt his ego, but I don't think he has seriously ever considered running for president.