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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Challenge

I've watched Michele Bachmann's rise in the GOP presidential polls with great interest since writing about her candidacy a few weeks ago.

In that post, I wrote,

"Make no mistake- I believe Bachman is motivated, smart, well-educated as she has seen a need for her various political/legislative positions.

I think that, in terms of values and overall conservative disposition, she'd make a great president. But the job is, above and beyond the inevitable crises and presidential initiatives, a very large and potentially-overwhelming executive job. And I'm just not sure Bachman is up to that.

We've got one inexperienced failure in the Oval Office right now.

How does Bachman poll with independents, versus, say, Pawlenty?

Plus, Bachman keeps focusing like a laser on making 2012 a presidential election focused on the economy. If she can succeed with that, and it's clearly any GOP candidate's strongest topic, she might well make voters forget about her lack of executive experience, which matches Wonderboy's weakness, and, instead, vote for her more sensible economic policies.

So I'd move Bachman to preferable, but I'm uncertain on her electability as yet. A strong showing among independents would change my mind."

I haven't seen polls showing Bachmann's standing relative to other GOP candidates among independents, but it's remarkable how she seems to have already elbowed Pawlenty aside in Iowa. According to polls I've seen and heard referenced on Fox News, Bachmann is already about even or ahead of Romney.

On reflection, I remain comfortable with Bachmann in the Oval Office. But to get there, I believe her challenge is to make the primaries and general election about issues, not experience.

Specifically, about fidelity to the Constitution, private sector vitality and spending cuts. These don't actually require executive experience, so much as perseverance to principles and determination to use the powers of the office to drive needed change in the federal government.

In my view, Bachmann's personal and professional lives prior to her political career featured far more significant accomplishments than Wonderboy's did. So it's not like she spent her young adult life carefully scrubbing her track record to run for the Oval Office.

But, in the final analysis, to beat Romney and other former GOP governors, then the First Rookie, she'll have to change the game from experience to values and issues.

From what I've seen so far, I think she could do that. She has energy and a passion that might help her overcome Romney's financial advantage. For that matter, Romney spent considerable money last time and lost the nomination on issues. I think, given the ball and chain on his leg that is Massachusetts' RomneyCare, I think that could happen again, should Bachmann manage to stay focused on the topics that matter for her candidacy.


Rita said...

I'm still not convinced of the GOP field. No one stands out, no one looks electable and maybe that's normal at this point, but I want a true conservative that can excite the base and the moderates. Hopefully it's just too early yet. What little I've seen, I would lean more toward Pawlenty, Santorum or Cain.

Of course I'm going to vote for anyone that runs against Obama but if we can't get anyone to run that has some energy we're looking at another four years of a downward spiral

C Neul said...


If it's energy you're looking for, how can anyone be more energetic than Bachmann at present?

I think she's about to hip-check Pawlenty right out of the race.


Rita said...

I still think Bachmann will only create more votes for Obama because the hard left won't vote at all unless she or someone like Palin runs. Even conservative voters like me are just not that impressed. Pence had it all and I think Daniels would have been good but both are out.

I'm still hoping Christie runs. I think the moderates would get behind his common sense, plain talking approach.

C Neul said...

I know you think the world of Mike Pence but, for whatever reason, his appeal was never as deep and broad nationally as Bachmann's is.

Palin might bring out some left-wingers who otherwise wouldn't vote, but I think any true conservative will.

Romney's all hat and no cattle. Newt's dysfunctional. Palin's not running. Neither is Christie. Besides, Christie truly is not yet ready for prime time.

I'm guessing Bachmann will add more voters among independents than she'll bring out against her on the left. See my recent post on Karl Rove and the math of the 2012 election.