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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, July 4, 2011

Is Mark Halperin Right? Is Obama a D**k?

MSNBC suspended Mark Halperin from whatever his role is at the network for replying to Joe Scarborough that Wonderboy was "a d**k" for his remarks regarding the debt limit at his recent press conference.

I must agree with Halperin. Forget his apologies and various backtracking- he was right the first time.

If you saw the First Rookie's act last week, then you know that he lashed out irresponsibly, as usual, at selected targets. Republicans in Congress were blamed for Wonderboy's own party's running up more than a trillion dollars of debt in the past two years. Corporate executives using private aircraft to improve productivity of their employees were scourged for presumed luxury consumption of air travel.

Never one to take responsibility for, well, anything, Obama simply blamed everyone else for any fiscal problems in his administration.

Deficits ballooning? Raise taxes on the rich or those who use things that make them look rich.

By the way, those private aircraft enable businesses to better-manage their operations. And those aircraft provide jobs in manufacture and servicing. Even the machinists' union criticized Wonderboy's thoughtless remarks about those private aircraft.

Spending too high? Demagogue about cutting payments to seniors while so-called 'tax cuts for billionaires' were signed into law last year by.....aah.....him.

Yes, he's a d**k alright. He's not interested in governing America to make it better. He's only interested in advancing his liberal agenda of fiscally wrecking the country while he attempts to remain personally well-liked.

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Rita said...

That's my PG rating of what I'd like to call him.