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Thursday, August 11, 2011

GOP Wins Wisconsin State Senate Recalls 4-2 & Retains Control

Wisconsin Republicans won 4 of 6 recall elections, retaining control of the Senate. Meanwhile, more recalls are likely, only this time for the Democrats who illegally fled the state to deny the state Senate a quorum during passage of the teachers' union-affecting bill which triggered such outrage.

By the way, if you weren't already convinced of the Huffington Post's overwhelming liberal bias, consider these two stories from Reuters and Huffington.

The latter's headline? "Wisconsin Recall Election Results: Democrats Win Two Seats, Fall Short Of Taking Over Senate," then led with this copy,

"Democrats won two Wisconsin state Senate seats in Tuesday's dramatic recall elections, but they fell short of the three needed to take the majority away from Republicans."

Clearly, Huffington's editors place Democratic fortunes before the actual outcome of the elections.
Reuter's headline was "Wisconsin Republicans stave off recall challenge," with the lead copy reading,

"Republicans narrowly retained their majority in the Wisconsin state Senate on Tuesday, staving off a strong recall election challenge from Democrats and union members angered by a new law curbing the power of organized labor.

Two Democratic challengers ousted incumbent Republican lawmakers in special elections. But Republicans successfully defended four other seats up for grabs, denying Democrats the three victories they needed to seize control of the Senate."

Even ABC's website had a fairly succinct, factual, non-dramatic headline, "Wisconsin Recall: GOP Retains Senate Control."

Meanwhile, this overtly conservative site provided some details on the two GOP losses,

"With four retentions and two losses (one being the Republican in the Democratic district, and the other being the guy with the alleged adultery problem), I think that we can safely bring forth the unofficial Democratic Base Theme Song (Loser by Beck)."

Governor Scott Walker made nice with some empty blah blah about 'the people want us to work together,' but, in reality, the GOP have won renewed voter approval of their actions.

This can't be good news for public sector union chiefs who were hoping for Wisconsin to be the first turnaround in this epic battle for state budgets and the fiscal health of American government at both state and federal levels.

Given how much the unions staked on this recall effort, the Wisconsin GOP win can't be understated for its importance nationwide.

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