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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wonderboy's Bus Tour

There is much to find humorous about Wonderboy's Midwestern bus tour this month.

First, I guess, is that he succeeds in appearing to be just another candidate for his own office. What with Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and who knows who else is careening around Iowa and nearby parts in a monster bus, the First Rookie seems like just another of the bunch.

Except that since he actually lives in the White House, it's hard to believe anyone in those states actually believing he is an 'outsider.' Which is what the bus thing is supposed to make his would-be supporters believe.

As we've learned in nearly three years of suffering through his presidency, Obama does not have a common touch. He's not a retail politician in the same vein as Michele Bachmann or Rick Perry. He always comes off as a bit stiff and arch.

Frankly, in that regard, he reminds me of George H.W. Bush, whom I liked. But I thought he lost his re-election on the day that he was caught on camera buying a pair of socks in a mall in Maryland. Saying that he was doing his part to spend money and ease the recession. Marveling at a UPC scanner.

George Sr. just looked totally out of touch with the reality of everyday American life.

So, too, does Wonderboy. Attempting to blame Congress for his own failings. Crying "Get It Done!" as if the federal government's spending binge was the GOP House's idea. So maybe what Obama really means to do is castigate Frisco Nan and Harry Reid for their spending in the last Congressional session? Before last November's election?

Then he's running around complaining that the rich- which is now down to only $200K/year for individuals- don't pay enough taxes! As several Wall Street Journal editorials have noted, Wonderboy rails against "millionaires and billionaires," but it's the "thousandaires" whose money he's really after.

So many muddled messages in the heat of a Midwestern summer. But at least Wonderboy is on the bus. Looking populist. Taking his cue from Give 'Em Hell Harry Truman. Although not everyone could commandeer trains and tracks like Harry did. Compared to his whistle-stop tour in what Karl Rove reminded viewers on Fox News was the last month of the campaign, Wonderboy's using a large bus is decidedly un-Presidential.

More like a country singer's tour bus than what one would expect of a sitting President.

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