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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chris Christie's Reagan Library Speech 27September 2011

For those of you who missed it, or want to see it again, here is NJ Governor Chris Christie's keynote address from the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California last night. His speech is in two parts, with Q&A in two more videos.

Part Two of address

Q&A Part One

Q&A Part Two

I watched as much of it live as I could. First on Fox, which broke for a commercial. So I turned to CSPAN, which is the source for these videos, courtesy of a YouTube channel contributor.

About half way through his address, I began to feel that Christie might announce, or reply to a question in the affirmative, that he had reconsidered running for the GOP presidential nomination. But he didn't.

Instead, it was simply a very presidential address from a state governor with some major, although unfinished, accomplishments.

It's perhaps now easier, since this was a national platform, for other, non-NJ US citizens to see why Christie is so well-regarded among conservatives and conservative pundits. He does seem to state things clearly, display leadership by his actions, and strike a tone that is at once less combative, yet more effective, vis a vis Wonderboy.

As I listened to and watched Christie speak, I was struck by how different is his style than the current Oval Office occupant. None of the black Baptist-style oratorical harangues or phrasing styles. Rather, very much like Reagan, a more reasoned, balanced, deliberate style. Less emotive sing-song linguistic tricks and more substance.

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