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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rick Perry On Social Security

I caught Sean Hannity's interview with Rick Perry last night. It covered a wide range of topics, but I was particularly interested in Perry's responses on Social Security.

Suffice to say, Perry has no clear idea of what he would do about Social Security. The essence of his replies were to say, about three times, that those on or nearing eligibility for Social Security would get their benefits. For middle-aged, 45 and under Americans, Perry punted.

Clearly, he's smarting from the 'Ponzi scheme' remark. He defended it, but was obviously worried that older Americans think he's for repealing the entire program.

Of course, those few of you who are regular readers of this blog know that, personally, I would repeal it. It's an illegal and ill-advised Ponzi scheme created by idiots nearly 80 years ago. It was badly-designed then, and it's worse now. Most importantly, one must realize it was never going to be solvent as a general-pool, defined-benefit scheme.

Now, I'll allow that Perry mentioned the various solutions others have offered, e.g., a general nod to anything Paul Ryan says. Perry vaguely mentioned an IRA-like personal account to be self-managed, as well as a conventional, government-run account.

Basically, Perry won't commit to any one solution. So he's either just playing politics, truly can't decide what he believes, or both.

Which leads me to this conclusion.

Whether it's Mitt or Rick, either one, flawed as they are, will be better than letting Wonderboy ruin America for four more years, come November of next year.

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