“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Last Resort of Liberals When "Democracy" Fails Them? Suspend It!

Here's the Notable & Quotable entry in Friday's Wall Street Journal:

"From a Sept. 28 editorial in the Washington Examiner:

Most Americans complain that government is unresponsive to their wishes. But not everyone feels that way. In the space of two days, two prominent Democrats have called for less responsive government that ignores public input.

One of them, former White House Budget Director Peter Orszag, penned a piece this week in the New Republic arguing, as the title says, "Why we need less democracy." Orszag wrote that "the country's political polarization was growing worse—harming Washington's ability to do the basic, necessary work of governing." His solution? "[W]e need to minimize the harm from legislative inertia by relying more on automatic policies and depoliticized commissions for certain policy decisions. In other words, radical as it sounds, we need to counter the gridlock of our political institutions by making them a bit less democratic." . . .

[S]imilar comments by Gov. Bev Perdue, D-N.C., are far more troubling. "I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover," Perdue told a Rotary Club gathering in suburban Raleigh this week. "I really hope that someone can agree with me on that." "

I actually saw the video in which Bev Perdue said what is quoted above. It is a correct quote. The audio appears below, from YouTube. Later, Fox News reported, her press aides claimed she was joking.

Judge for yourself- does Bev sound like she's joking?

Is it not disturbing that the liberal Democrats, having had 2 years of complete control of the federal government, were not satisfied with their accomplishments? Now that they lost the House, and may lose either or both the Senate and White House in 2012, they are agitating to suspend or dumb-down our Republican form of government, usually mis-labeled as a democracy.

We're not talking about a few hacked-up House members. We're talking about the former budget director and one of the 50 state governors.

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