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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wonderboy Tries To Rewrite History On His New Stimulus a/k/a "Jobs" Bill

'Go big, Go bold'

Those were the words Wonderboy used last week in describing his jobs plan as he began his 2012 campaign tour.

Well, trying that in 2009 got him a GOP-controlled House and slimmer Democratic majority in the Senate last November.

Far from 'running the GOP out of town' as he threatened voters will do for not passing Wonderboy's jobs bill, voters are likely to run them out for passing it.

This is just the latest attempt by Obama to try to confuse the electorate and rewrite history. In fact, he even managed to use the Trumanesque "do nothing" Congress line, conveniently omitting that the GOP House has passed bills which are stacked up in Harry Reid's Senate hopper, because the Senate Majority Leader is afraid to bring them to the floor for a vote.

Including, for weeks, the president's cherished jobs bill.

Bills like healthcare repeal, a budget, and spending cuts.
The truth is, voters have seen the trillion dollars wasted on the first stimulus, so they don't want the president and Congress to 'go big' or 'go bold.'

Republicans, both in Congress and those running for the presidential nomination, have sensibly offered as their job-creating actions: freeze/reverse excessive energy-, financial service sector- and healthcare-related regulation; cut spending by tens of billions in each of the next several years; reform the tax code to end preferences and lower rates; end the administration's war on business.

In response, only yesterday on his Virginia bus tour, Wonderboy characterized GOP economic plans as simply allowing companies to pollute and repealing Dodd-Frank, alleging, incorrectly, that "Wall Street" was the source of the 2008 financial crisis. His own plan was described as 'putting teachers back in classrooms.'

More pork-barrel, union-jobs spending isn't going to provide any lasting economic stimulus. And, frankly, neither will a focus just on "jobs." By the way, if teachers were hired by companies that ran outsourced public education, do you think the First Rookie would be so eager to re-employ them?

And why do we want federal funding for local teachers? States and municipalities often must balance budgets. Thus, they make informed tradeoffs regarding local government services affordability. And many states have seen teacher and associated employment growth outpace that of students for years. To simply sidestep sensible local spending constraints by borrowing the money for excess public sector unionized teachers from China, at the federal level, is a bad idea.

What's needed is economic growth, which is brought about by business expansion. Which can, and probably will, entail job creation.

But placing employment growth before economic growth misses the point and reverses cause and effect.

Wonderboy also has become more openly dictatorial, proclaiming in a recent campaign speech,

'If Congress won't pass my jobs bill, we can't wait. We'll find other ways to do it'


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