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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where There's Smoke.....

When I first heard reports of the latest woman to accuse Herman Cain of having a sexual relationship, it seemed to long and involved to be true. The woman alleged a 13-year liaison, including sexual encounters.

Then, only hours later, on a Fox News program, it was disclosed that, although the woman was said to have money problems, she did have text messages from Cain, and a copy of one of his books inscribed by him to her personally. Cain admitted knowing the woman for that time period, but categorically insisted there was no 'relationship.'

I thought perhaps he mentored her platonically, and she took a different view of his kindnesses.

Then I heard that she had some 61 text messages from Cain, coming, to cite Sean Hannity, either 'at all hours' or 'at early hours in the morning,' suggesting a clandestine, inappropriate involvement.

Stepping back, you have to wonder by now just what is it about Herman Cain that draws these allegations from multiple women?

In a field of 7-8 other candidates, nobody else has had these issues. We all know about Gingrich's infidelities, so that's different. And you'd think, if Newt had stepped out on his latest wife, we'd have heard about that muy pronto.

Guys like Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman would seem likely candidates for similar allegations, but nothing has surfaced. Not a peep. Nothing for Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann, either.

So just going by the statistics, you have to wonder why only one candidate out of a group of 8 or so has received all the public allegations of prior marital infidelities?

It may seem unfair, but it does give one pause. And make you reconsider Cain as a candidate. His fumbling of the initial accusations, for which he had over a week to consider his response, was unimpressive.

But, now, this 13-year thing, with saved text messages, just seems so odd. It's like he attracts this sort of thing, or has exercised poor judgement in the past in his associations with women.

Whichever it is, whether fair or not, it's almost certainly derailed his candidacy.


Brad said...

Dear C,

Yes, but don't you hate it when the lying media get away with this kind of garbage? So now the new "standard" for a conservative candidate is no texting any woman?

BTW, I miss your articles! Hope you come back soon.

Rita said...

So explain to me why you're so quite now?

You can answer in one of the following questions:

1) None of your business you old broad.

2) I'm swamped at work, while you've been lazing around not working for the first time in your life

3) My fingers are jammed in a door and if someone doesn't get here soon, I'll have to cut all ten of them off.

4) Things I'd rather not discuss, but I'll be back.

5) I'd done with this crazy internetz thing and decided to become a monk who is not allowed to speak or write.