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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bubba & Wonderboy Sanitize KKK Member Senator Robert Byrd

Glenn Beck has spent a fair amount of time on several of his programs this week excoriating Wonderboy and Bubba Clinton for their whitewashing of Robert Byrd's KKK background.

Byrd, who mercifully died recently, finally ending a disgraceful and overly-long Senate career, was very active in the KKK and in anti-black initiatives throughout his young and middle-aged adult life.

He didn't simply participate in the Klan, he started a chapter! He even had one of those silly titles, like Grand Octopus or something.

As Beck pointed out, contrary to Bubba's claims, Byrd was not some youth committing a youthful indiscretion by joining the KKK. No, he was in his late 20s and already in federal office.

Later, in his late 40s, Byrd voted to filibuster the Civil Rights Act.

Beck reached his zenith on this issue, though, when he compared NY Times headlines, written by the same person, on the occasions of two old Senate codgers' deaths.

For Republican Strom Thurmond, the headline noted that he 'opposed integration,' while Byrd was called a 'pillar of the Senate.'

Stooping even lower, Wonderboy, of at least partial black heritage, simply glossed over Byrd's smarmy background and KKK activism.

By the way, Thurmond, while pro-segregation and anti-integration during the 1950s, never joined the KKK.

Beck also contrasted the rough treatment former GOP Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott received simply for giving Thurmond accolades on his birthday, and positively noting that, if Thurmond's slower approach to integration had been tried, there probably would have been far less strife in America.

For this, Lott was railroaded from his leadership position and, in time, the Senate.

Now, I happen to think Lott is a bona fide idiot and fool. But what's fair, is fair. If Lott never joined the KKK and never obstructed integration personally, why did he suffer punishment at the hands of the liberal media and Democratic Senators, while Bobby Byrd, West Virginia's Senatorial crustacean, had the stench of his KKK activism miraculously eliminated, and his overall record and actions on civil rights totally expunged.

We're in Wonderland now, for sure. And it's not good for the truth.

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