“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Frisco Nan on Economics, Job Creation & Unemployment Insurance

You cannot make this stuff up.

Over the recent July 4th holiday weekend, I was nauseated to see a video clip of Frisco Nan explaining why and how extended unemployment insurance benefits "are the best way" to create jobs.

According to economics Nobel Laureate Nan, giving the idle your tax dollars, after a rinsing and haircut by the federal government's sticky fingers, to the unemployed allows them to spend, spend, spend!

All that spending will, of course, create new jobs!

Yep....untold millions of jobs. That's why it's "the best way" to create new jobs.

Not cutting payroll taxes for everyone. Or extending the Bush tax cuts. Or lowering income tax rates across the board.

Those old, unworkable ideas would give people their own money back to spend or invest. Maybe start a new business.

No fun there for Nan and her Progressive friends, is there?

Nope. Instead, it's much much better for billions of your tax dollars, either taxed now, or in the future, to pay for borrowed money, to be sprinkled onto people who aren't working. See, they are better positioned to spend your money than you are!


Good. Now you understand Frisco Nan's school of economics.


Brad said...

What can any of us DO? I utterly despise Frisco nan, but dont live in CA. "Giving" to the rnc feels useless. I feel like I'm supporting mccain! (ick) Should we donate directly to nan's worthy opponent? But who? Try googling "nan's opponent 2010", you get junk back. I really enjoy your posts!

C Neul said...


Thanks for your comment and compliment.

I think our only option is, in races where a Republican is viable, to donate outside of our states and districts.

I donated to Scott Brown's campaign, and probably will to Sharon Angell's, as well.

I'm sure with a somewhat narrower search, using the California House district in which Nan is running, or just Googling news articles, you can scare up the name of her opponent.

But let's be honest. Nan represents a liberal bastion which is most likely gerrymandered. What irks us about Nan is her Speakership, more than her being in the House.

And that is a function of the overall complexion of the chamber.

I'd advise targeted donations to key, winnable races producing new Republican House members.