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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theory Regarding Israel, Egypt, Soros & Wonderboy

I'm not typically an avid conspiracy theory fan. So I was sceptical of Glenn Beck's recent program last week which explored how the US, seemingly with the coaxing of George Soros' various institutes, foundations and sympathetic colleagues in the current administration, ended up on the sidelines while Libya's rebels attempted, successfully, at first, to overthrow Quadafi. Beck's point was that, if you cared to follow a trail of evidence, Soros and his minions had managed to loosely ally themselves with the dictator.

Last night, Beck presented his case for Soros and his allies, including administration regulatory czar Cass Sunstein and his wife, Samantha, Bill Ayres and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, the former 1960s SDS radicals and Wonderboy pals, having discussed and agitated for 'democracy' in Egypt as recently as last November.

I can't do justice to Beck's case here, but I must say, it was very convincing. He connected a lot of dots, so to speak, most of which involved either Soros' funding of activities and publications pushing to destabilize Egypt, and seemingly coordinated efforts within the administration, led by Sunstein's wife, partially funded by Soros.

Beck's point, which was fairly-well made, is that Wonderboy, who already was clearly, at best, apathetic toward Israel, has either deliberately, or by allowing himself to be manipulated, helped to isolate Israel amidst a torrent of North African regime changes which could result in more stridently Islamist nations.

I know it sounds a bit over the top. But there are some background stories against which Beck's thesis plays which lend it some credence. Soros has called openly for Fox News to be muzzled. Meanwhile, none of the liberal network media, nor print, such as the New York Times, will follow up or otherwise touch the bulk of Fox News' stories on these topics. Beck's monologues on these topics are typically lavishly supported with web links, physical copies of books and other publications, as well as video clips. It's not as if Beck simply stands there expounding without any evidence.

It's very creepy to see videos of Soros, then, separately, Dorhn and Ayres all calling enthusiastically for worldwide voting in American presidential elections. And it's troubling to see Beck present evidence that Soros and his cronies are pushing for support of Islamist organizations that are either involved with, or advocating, policies and torturous actions which would be criticized in the US, were these activities fully understood.

As I wrote in the opening of this post, conspiracy theories make me uncomfortable. But this one actually makes a lot of sense. And the administration isn't responding to Beck's contentions, while Soros simply counterattacks Rupert Murdoch. Hardly the sorts of reasoned, positive explanations which give one comfort.

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