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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Rest of Glenn Beck's Conspiracy Theory

I wrote this post yesterday concerning Glenn Beck's recent programs on the Mideast. Last night, Beck finished his series of three programs focusing on an alternative theory of recent Mideast developments, beginning with Hosni Mubarak's overthrow.

As a good presenter does, Beck began by recapping the highlights of the prior programs dealing with the issue. In doing so, he mentioned an important point I had forgotten to note in yesterday's post. Cass Sunstein's wife, Samantha Power, had written a book back in 2005 arguing for military intervention when subgroups of populations were at risk. According to Beck, the UN jumped on this, as did George Soros. Wonderboy hired her as a foreign policy adviser, thus providing an early link to Soros.

Beck contends that the real reason behind the broad adoption of Power's work by the "one-worlders" was to use it against Israel whenever it was deemed to be endangering the Palestinians. However, it became a convenient tool to use selectively against dictators in the Mideast.

I had also forgotten that Beck had already presented convincing evidence that Libya's strongman, Quadafi, had retained Cass Sunstein and George Soros to rehabilitate his image in the US. Also involved was the purchase of a graduate degree for the ruler's son, which became embarrassing for Soros, who funded it, when it became known that the work leading to the degree was plagiarized.

Meanwhile, Beck added the piece of information which he believes was the spark that allowed Soros & Co. to help destabilize Egypt. Mubarak's regime was planning to raise the price of the commonly-used cooking fuel, butane, which would have created a public backlash among the poor in Egypt. Thus, Beck alleges, Soros, Sunstein, Power and, thus, Wonderboy's administration began agitating for more 'democracy,' knowing that the regime was already courting trouble with its contemplated fuel price increase.

The missing piece, as you read this, would logically be,

'Why would Wonderboy and his associates, such as Soros, want to destabilize Egypt?'

Here's where the conspiracy part gets, well, you know, weird, like most conspiracy theories eventually do. It doesn't mean they can't be right. But it does mean you have to make a leap, usually involving some particularly insidious and unpleasant motives.

Beck believes, fundamentally, based upon a ton of written and video evidence which I've personally seen on his programs, that Soros, Sunstein, Ayers, Wonderboy, et.al., are enthusiastic proponents of the 'one world order' view. They also aren't particularly enthralled with Israel, either.

According to this theory, they want to push the US off the world stage as an exceptional, well-intentioned superpower, transitioning to world government of a more multilateral nature, especially led by the UN.

This is why you see the video clips of Ayers and Soros calling for world participation in the election of the US president. It also fits with Wonderboy's notable lack of leadership in the Libyan situation.

Again, according to Beck, whatever destabilizes the current world order which allows US leadership and power is a good thing, to these people. Thus, destabilizing the region which provides most of the world's oil is desirable for this group. Including Wonderboy.

Last night, Beck threw one more ingredient into the mix. It's a theme from other programs- the Twelfth Imam. I won't try to explain any of this myself. For starters, here's a low-rent entry-level Wiki on the twelfth Imam. If you Google the term 'twelfth imam,' you'll get plenty of material from which to choose.

Assuming you've read a little of that background, here's the rest of Beck's theory.

On last night's program, he had an anonymous CIA agent who had infiltrated Iran's government ranks. Needless to say, name, appearance and voice were all masked. He confirmed that Iran's leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, believes that the twelfth Imam's arrival is imminent. He and his ilk take this very seriously. Associated with his appearance is the coming of the Mahdi, and the return of Islam to Jerusalem. The whole process involves tremendous chaos and indiscriminate bloodletting.

Beck hit upon a rather common theme in American and even world politics, i.e., soft-headed, single-minded liberals getting into bed with zealots of either another political stripe or, worse, a religion. In this case, it's the latter. He contends that Wonderboy, Soros, et. al., don't understand, much less care about the beliefs of the Islamists that their own new world order may be at hand. The secular Westerners see the Islamists as convenient agents to assist in deposing the US as the world's dominant power, heedless of the much more focused, religiously-inspired agenda which our various Islamist enemies possess.

In Beck's view, our Western liberals are "playing with fire," unaware that, in the end, it is likely they who are being manipulated by the Islamists, not the other way around.

So that's basically the larger view of Beck's conspiracy theory.

I know, it sounds like a Tom Clancy novel, and then some. It takes some time to absorb it all and consider the implications.

However, I will observe this. Since the 1920s, America's and Europe's liberals and socialists have been, and are, famous for turning a blind eye to Communism's faults and crimes against humanity, the better to overthrow capitalism. How many soft-headed American liberal democrats and socialists found common cause with communists, thinking that the added horsepower of the latter group would be useful, to be cast aside when the goal of deposing the Constitutional Republic in the US, or, at least, capitalism, was achieved?

Progressives are guilty of the same sin, in my view. So, in that sense, Beck's thesis isn't at crazy at all. It would be a reprise of a theme we've seen several times in the last hundred years.

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Rita said...

I watch Beck most nights. I am constantly amazed at the number of liberals only hear a little of what he says or take what someone else says he says and never realize he backs his beliefs by actual video evidence.

Tonight he hit on where I could see he's been going for some time now. How closely the 12th Iman ties right into the Christian Bible Revelations of the end times. I've heard people predicting the end times nearly all of my life, I've always maintained the "no one will know the time or hour", but there are hints of signs of the end times in the Bible and the 12th Imam thing rings true to my ears.

Add that to all the "wars and rumors of wars" and the earthquakes and natural disasters and I'm becoming one of those that are starting to believe that this may truely be the start of the end times.

It'll be interesting (and scary) to see if all this plays out.