“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Libyan Conundrums

Wonderboy surely has landed himself in a mess by his non-, then mishandling of the Libyan situation.

Of course there is a wealth of opinion already written regarding his mis-steps. Here are the ones which most concern me.

To begin, it's not so much about his fiddling while the world burns. Rather, it's about his handling of the Libyan military involvement, especially vis a vis his statements as a candidate about such action.

By now, you've probably seen the video or read the words of Wonderboy, the candidate, castigating then-President Bush for his various military actions. Back then, the Illinois junior Senator claimed that a president had to approach Congress for authorization before taking any military action.

In reality, Wonderboy did something quite different. First, he made empty statements about Quadafi, while doing nothing to enforce that 'he must go.'

Then he allowed US forces to participate in the air actions this week, but with a minimal discussion with some Congressional members. Hardly notification or asking for authorization.

Next, from Brazil, Wonderboy stated that the sole reason for US military involvement was the overwhelming agreement by 'the international community,' that a country's leader was engaged in creating a human tragedy by turning his military on them.

Others quickly asked, rhetorically, about an arm's length list of similar situations in which, on those conditions, in which the US should also intervene. Iran, Syria and Zimbabwe were mentioned.

At this point, triangulating Wonderboy's statements and actions expose him as a blatant hypocrite and internationalist, a/k/a 'one worlder.' He's bypassed the Constitution and War Powers Act, contradicted his own promises while a candidate, but claimed that the UN and other nations can command US military involvement, whereas Congress need not be consulted.

All that is, and I think will be, toxic to his re-election efforts. As usual, his sanctimonious habit of claiming one position before the fact, then doing something else in the moment, mark him as fickle and, essentially, a liar.

The crowning piece, however, is the explicit disavowal of US leadership of the Libyan action, while committing US resources. Americans don't want to see US forces under foreign command. Yet that is what is being promised.

Add to that the dismay voters feel as Admiral Mullens indicates he doesn't know what the administration believes the mission and objections for the Libyan campaign are, and you have total confusion.

Instead of a tight, focused, explicable strategy for the Libyan involvement, we have vague, differing statements from various countries' leaders and military about what they are doing in Libya. The prospect of American military personnel and equipment being commanded by foreigners is an affront to Americans. Period.

I suspect Wonderboy's inability to actually make decisions, take risks, and function as the nation's chief executive will both haunt and, ultimately, cripple him.

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Brad said...

Dear C,

I think you really got to the most critical issue, namely what a terrible commander in chief OB is proving to be. As horrific as all his agenda items have been, surely his mis-use of the military forces ranks at the top.

Thank you as always for the great writing!