“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now It's Indiana's Democratic Legislators Going AWOL

We're all familiar with the Wisconsin Senate Democrats hiding out in Illinois to prevent a quorum for the vote on repealing the teachers' union's collective bargaining power on non-salary topics. After some fancy maneuvering, inspired by Frisco Nan and Harry Reid last year in passing Obamacare, the Wisconsin Senate Republicans managed to pass their desired bill without a quorum, as a budget-related piece of legislation.

Last I heard, some state judge had issued an injunction of the law. And now, we hear that the union and Wisconsin Democrats are urging recalls. No, not for the missing Democratic Senators. They want the Republicans recalled for passing the bill!

But, I digress.

Over in nearby Indiana, the same thing is going on now. Indiana's legislatures require quorums for all votes. Thus, although, as in Wisconsin, the Republicans hold majorities in both houses, they are not quorums. So Indiana Senate Democrats lit out for Urbana, Illinois, in order to prevent the passage of Governor Mitch Daniels' proposal to limit some activities that benefit unions.

What's with this sudden trend for state legislators to leave a state with impunity? The first I believe I read of this was a few years ago, when Texas Republicans left the state over some redistricting activity. Now we have Wisconsin and Indiana Democrats.

If this happened in my state, I'd be livid. It's the antithesis of a representative democracy. For an elected official to just take off in order to avoid legitimate legistlative activity from occurring isn't right. I'm not big on lots of needless laws, but I'd hope that any legislator who did this would be subject to a near-instant recall.

Do any of these missing legislators actually think they enhance their reputations, or that of their party? Granted, since their districts elected them, they may not be be recalled from such a safe district. But perhaps in the next election cycle, others of their party will be defeated simply on principle.

It should make 2012 interesting for those state legislators who left their states and are up for re-election.


Rita said...

We Hoosiers ARE livid. The Dems are now getting fined $350 daily. Now who do you think will end up paying THAT bill?

And just so you know, they've been AWOL as (or nearly) long as WI.

Mitch Daniels managed to pass what WI did early in office. The Dems are complaining here because we are trying to become a Right To Work state.

C Neul said...


Good to know! Thanks for your comment.

Yes, I recall reading about the fine. I also read that the Indiana Dem Party is paying the tab for the trip, hotels, meals, etc.

Any chance these people will be recalled?


Rita said...

I tried to research the Indiana statute online and could only find impeachment hearing statute for a Congressman that's been convicted of a misdemeanor.

I would think if Indiana law would permit recall or impeachment I would have heard about that on the news by now.

One of the Dems DID say that when they are back in session the quorum requirement should be changed to prevent this from happening again. I suppose it was because he was thinking Indiana will vote in a Dem majority at the next election. Doubt that will happen, but they're watching TV that tells them all the protests. Of course it's only the unions that are protesting, the rest of us mere mortals are po'd that we have to live in the real world.

Just so you know, I found you blog from googling, "Where are the Indiana Democrats" on google.

C Neul said...


Tx for your added comment. Yes, it's interesting how interest groups such as public unions simply assume their cause is yours/mine/the taxpayers,' isn't it?

The teachers' union in NJ does the same thing.


Rita said...