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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Last Night's MSNBC GOP Presidential Debate

It took me a while to realize, by 8:30 last night, that I wasn't watching the GOP presidential candidates' debate. Quickly realizing it wasn't being hosted by/on Fox, I scanned the local public television and major broadcast networks. No luck. Nothing on CNN, either.

Then, in disbelief, I tried MSNBC and found it. I couldn't even name the guy I saw initially moderating, then I cringed when I saw liberal newscaster Brian Williams.

Suffice to say, between the self-serving answers of the candidates and what I assumed would be biased, nasty questions from the liberal hosts, I didn't linger long on the channel. Rather, I intended to view Fox and other networks today for post-analysis.

Sure enough, Michelle Malkin called into Fox News to provide a balanced review of the proceedings. I had missed a question someone asked which opened with,

'How can you sleep at night when.....?'

Malkin noted that Wonderboy would never be treated in that manner. She went on to compare the prior evening's debate with a Democratic candidate debate at a liberal Democratic Mecca, hosted by Fox featuring Rush Limbaugh and herself as moderators.

In effect, I don't think I missed much, nor did anyone else who failed to find the event.


Rita said...

I didn't watch. I dvr'd the first one and didn't like how lopsided it was for certain candidates. I want to hear more from Cain. The media just wants to stir it up among the front runners and I'm more interested in what the other candidates have to offer. I really would love a good long interview with Cain to see if I still agree with him. So far, I've not heard him say anything that I don't agree with, but he doesn't get much air time, so it's hard to be sure.

C Neul said...

I agree that much of what Cain says is reasonable. He occasionally 'goes off' a bit, displaying a sort of non-politician's naivete regarding how things actually work in Washington.

But one could do, I expect, much, much worse than Cain in the White House.

I'd prefer him to Gingrich or Bachmann now.