“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wonderboy's New Stimulus....errr....Jobs Package'- "Pass It Now!"

This morning's financial networks were full of anchors asking everyone in sight:

a)What did you think of Wonderboy's jobs package?
b)Will it pass as proposed?

Pretty funny stuff. The proposals, of course, are simply more public- and labor-union friendly stimulus spending to be paid for by....well....tax hikes and unnamed reductions to planned future spending increases.

Why are all of this president's ideas for jobs targeted on construction, teachers, fire and police? Maybe because that's where the union votes are?

But of course.

"Pass it now???!!!!!"

You've got to be kidding! This from the guy who plotted with Frisco Nan and Harry Reid how to ram through his health care without giving any Congress members time to read the whole thing.

But, don't take my words for these reactions.

God bless Frank Luntz and Fox News for bringing his scintillating focus groups to light. Last night on Hannity's program, Luntz had a roomful of between 40 and 50 voters, split evenly between McCain and Wonderboy supporters in 2008, to react to the jobs speech.

When Luntz asked how many were 'inspired' by the speech, only two people raised their hands. Based on prior remarks, they were certifiable idiots. Really.

The only two people in the entire room who supported the First Rookie were two not-very-bright minority women who looked and talked like they were on welfare already. One got the sense they'd support absolutely anything Wonderboy proposed.

The group overwhelmingly pronounced the proposals in the speech as just more stimulus, more appeals to raise taxes, neither of which will work.

Of the entire room, I believe only 3-4 raised their hands to indicated they'd re-elect the president, and perhaps 2 more were considering it. That's it.

On the subject of "pass it now," all of those commenting remarked that this was merely a rerun of the call to pass ObamaCare sight unseen. Nobody advocated for it.

Honestly, it had to be pretty depressing for Wonderboy's team, and Hannity said as much.

By the way, does anybody else recall that presidents send legislation up to the Hill all the time, have for decades, only to have it cut to pieces and rewritten by both chambers?

Who does Wonderboy think he is so special as to demand immediate passage of his proposals intact?

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