“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wonderboy's Rose Garden Speech This Morning

If you happened to catch Wonderboy's Rose Garden appearance this morning to formally send his jobs bill to Congress, you saw vintage campaigning. As well as the man's continuing tin ear/eye when it comes to what concerns the bulk of the nation's voters.

I, of course, turned the volume off. But I saw and heard enough to understand that this morning's carefully-staged event was classic Wonderboy.

He again urged, in contravention of the separation of powers, that Congress simply rubber stamp his bill, with no debate nor changes.

But the visuals were the clue as to how the First Rookie continues to view his mission. Behind him were arrayed, in uniform, all manner of public sector union employees- teachers, firemen, police, etc. The message being, you in the states don't have the right to decide whether to keep or dismiss public union employees. Or to choose to borrow to continue to fund them.

No, the federal government will unilaterally borrow the money for you, then give it to you, provided you continue to employ these public sector union personnel.

Meanwhile, the other spending in his jobs bill is essentially for other union members- those in the construction trades. And at high, Davis-Bacon Act rates, mind you. So you, the taxpayer, will pay the highest amount of money possible to construction workers, thus getting the smallest amount of value for the road, bridges, sewer systems, etc., built with your borrowed dollars.

Wonderboy clearly doesn't care what most voters think of his explicit bias toward union members. Or that he's demanding a second...or third...fourth....how many now?....round of stimulus spending to transfer your tax dollars to favored public and private sector union members.

Interesting how totally insensitive he is to the lesson of last November and the basic complaints of Tea Party members and their kindred voters- that the federal government usurps too much power and money.

Judging by his bill, and his little visual display in the Rose Garden this morning, the First Rookie clearly doesn't care what the bulk of America's voters think of his prejudices.

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