“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Senate Races & Wonderboy's Corrupt Administration

First Joe Sestak accused Wonderboy's crew of trying to buy him out of running against Arlen Specter with a job offer.

Now Andrew Romanoff, a Democratic primary challenger to Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, has joined in with allegations that Rahm Emanuel's aide, Jim Messina, offered several jobs to Romanoff, none of for which he was remotely qualified.

The usual Democratic pundits, who would have suggested crucifying George W. Bush for this sort of behavior, are justifying Wonderboy's illegal jobs bribes as just 'business as usual.'

Funny, but wasn't the First Rookie supposed to be running the most transparent, a- and post-partisan administration in history?

Ah, well. On to reality.

The details of the Sestak case have finally come out, despite the Congressional Democrats' refusal to convene any sort of inquiry. On an evening during Memorial Day weekend, the administration released an explanation that involved no less than Bubba Clinton. They didn't deny the job offers, but they claimed using the pump-headed ex-president as a cutout, as if that makes them innocent of trying to bribe Sestak.

From what I've read, sadly, it would be difficult to imprison Emanuel or Wonderboy, because there isn't enough solid evidence that there were quid quo pros.

However, in Romanoff's case, there may be a case. It seems that, thanks to existing legislation, it's illegal for a government employee to use paid time and/or resources to engage in political activity. And nobody has tried to deny that these bribes of jobs to primary candidates were political, because many, including various Democratic pundits, have defended Wonderboy's actions as befitting the head of his party.

On a related note, there's now more belief that Emanuel, who will be appearing on the stand in disgraced former Illinois governor Blagojevich' trial for attempting to sell Wonderboy's Senate seat, was the go-between in that situation.

Wouldn't it be rich if both Emanuel and his deputy, Messina, both do jail time for carrying illegal water for their boss, the world's most ethical politician?

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