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- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Turkish Flotilla & Israeli Response

Last week's showdown between the Islamist radical flotilla assembled by Turkey, and the Israelis who enforced the blockade against them, has seemed to throw the world back to the 1930s.

Several conservative pundits whom I've read have, of course, backed Israel's actions. But one in particular, whose name escapes me, wrote chillingly that the reactions of Europe, Turkey, the UN and assorted other countries signals a full-scale return to anti-Semitism.

Yes, it seems it is once again open season on Jews.

Gone are the memories of last century's German attempt to exterminate the race and religion.

Further, as a Wall Street Journal editor wrote, the incident marks the decline of the Turks. I was shocked to read of the one-sided, deliberately biased and simply wrong information their media feeds the Turkish people.

I could go on about the incident, but the more troubling point is how the world seems to have taken giant strides backward to the 1930s, when persecution of the Jews was accepted by all the major powers.

What has our own foreign policy come to? Our own administration won't criticize the Turks and defend the Israelis for protecting their own borders.

Wait....border protection. That must be it.

Wonderboy doesn't bother protecting our own borders, either.

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