“No Man’s life liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session”.

- attributed to NY State Judge Gideon Tucker

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wonderboy Grasps At Straws In The BP Oil Mess

Wonderboy has begun to look more and more like a tyrant concerning the BP Gulf Coast oil rig disaster.

Last week, he crossed the line between government and private industry, demanding that BP cease spending money on public image ads, and fuming over the company's payment of dividends to its shareholders.

Funny, but I thought private sector, publicly-held companies answered to their shareholders, not the federal government. That shareholders retained management to run the company for them, not for the whims of the president of the US.

Later that evening, on Fox News, a guest noted how much the federal government has spent on pamphlets mailed to seniors lying about new medical care coverage and declining costs of said coverage. The cost of that mailing dwarfed BP's image-related ad spending. The guest noted that the money for these pointless mailings was deficit spending, since the government has spent far beyond any incoming revenues this year.

I guess it depends on who is doing the spending whether or not it's deemed wasteful, eh?

Then, yesterday morning, I caught repeated clips of the First Rookie on a network morning program claiming he'd been down to the Gulf, worrying over the rig and its spewing oil, way before any "talking heads were onto it."

Really? I think that's an outright lie. If memory serves, the first governmental employees sent down to the Gulf were lawyers from DOJ. The rig fire and resulting oil fountain were news well before Wonderboy flew down in his natty dress to stand on a beach and whine about the incident.

It's not like nobody else noticed, until he discovered the oil leaking from the sea bottom.

This guy just can't stop himself from crossing boundaries, threatening and intimidating private sector companies, or just plain lying, can he?

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